Female in STEM- Airin Avery

Season 1 | Episode 6
15m | Jan 13, 2021

In this weeks episode we interview Airin Avery who is a PhD student at UCLA.

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I started my fitness journey as a collegiate athlete at the State University of New York at Oneonta. As a freshman in college joining the team I had never really lifted weights seriously before. When they made us do our team lifts, at first I absolutely hated it, all I wanted to do was play volleyball and I didn’t understand why we had to lift. But this funny thing happened, the more I lifted, the more I started to enjoy it. Not only did my physical abilities improve but I was also excited to notice new muscles and veins that I never knew I had before. And that’s when my love for fitness began.

As a sophomore in college in 2015, I decided to take my fitness to the next level by competing in my first NPC bikini competition. It was this milestone that really cultivated my love for the fitness industry even more. Stepping on stage showcasing my hard earned work was a feeling like no other. I immediately became hooked on the sport of bodybuilding. Since 2015 I have competed in 7 shows, qualifying for nationals at 3 and I plan to compete in 3 shows next year including nationals. In addition to the bodybuilding shows, I have also competed in a powerlifting meet and currently still play volleyball for UCLA’s club beach volleyball team. I think its safe to say I am a little obsessed with fitness.

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