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Timely: Careers and Stories

On season 2 of Timely: Careers and Stories, host Hashim talks to the audience about his personal experiences at work places.

Hashim is a 20 year old Computer Science student who has worked over 10 jobs in the last 3 years and has gained an insight on many industries.

Each episode discusses an issue with a certain workplace or just issues in general. He also discusses interview processes for these jobs.

Give this podcast a listen to gain new insights.


Live up to your New Years Resolutions
Show Details21min
What its like working minimum wage jobs
Show Details25min 22s
Getting Motivated Again
Show Details11min 43s
Female in STEM- Airin Avery
Show Details15min 38s
Grades Don't Define Your Intellect- Hashim Farooq
Show Details11min 22s
Working for Canadian Space Agency - Kristen Facciol
Show Details24min 19s
Sky Rocket Your Career- Raj Subrameyer
Show Details43min 59s
Sports Reporter- Aliyah Funschelle
Show Details33min 29s
A Take on Online School
Show Details22min 17s