This Wooden O

Two theatre nerds talking to cool people and saving the world one drink at a time.

Every week, we introduce you to a brilliant artist and explore their unique point of view on making theater, particularly the plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Along the way, we hit peak geekitude on everything from Star Wars to Ancient Greek.

This Wooden O is the official podcast of Queens, NYC based theater company Rude Grooms ( hosted by our Master of Casting and Company Management Daniel Kemper (, and Master of the Revels Montgomery Sutton (

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Communication, Boundaries, & Permission (with Becca Kaplan)
Show Details37min 59s
Artist as Educator (with Nicole Carlson)
Show Details48min 39s
Actor Life in the US vs. the UK (with Harry Waller)
Show Details47min 55s
Art & Activism (with Anneka Kumli)
Show Details46min 7s
Momentum (with Daniel Kemper and Montgomery Sutton)
Show Details44min 59s
Show Details57s