The Gorgons Podcast

The Gorgon’s, is a sorority turned dark comedy podcast hosted by three millennial primadonna's whose opinions, attitudes, and sense of humor leaves NO subject off the table. Hosted by the dishonorable Sorority President Bishop Mortimer, Club Treasurer Jamie and Pledge Mistress, Trus’sell. The Gorgon’s celebrates empowering the powerless in a unfiltered, unapologetic manner that’ll turn any sad bitch, into a savage! 

By joining our podcast you have now pledged into our co-ed sorority.


#009 - Daddy Issues
Show Details56min 49s
#008 - Rules Of SEXTING
Show Details21min 52s
School Advice Everyone Should Know
Show Details25min 28s
#007 - The First Heartbreak
Show Details24min 27s
#006- The 80/20 Rule
Show Details25min 49s
#005- Never Have I Ever (Adult Version)
Show Details27min 40s
#004- Kitchen Table Talk: Racism, Love & Success
Show Details49min 13s
#003 - Flowers In The Attic
Show Details26min 18s
#002 - Demon Time
Show Details29min 29s
#001 - Sweet But Psycho
Show Details26min 38s
#000 - Hell Week (Trailer)
Show Details7min 10s