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The Chris Nate Show

The Chris Nate Show is a podcast following the filmmaking journey of Chris Nate and how he goes about the filmmaking process. In this show, Chris also shares how he's navigating the filmmaking scene locally as he's just starting his filmmaking journey in Malaysia.


My Filmmaking Journey
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Stay Strong
Show Details2min 35s
What really matters...
Show Details2min 46s
How does currency work?
Show Details7min 23s
Why are films so important?
Show Details7min 58s
Let's talk climate change!
Show Details10min 48s
How cars changed everything
Show Details7min 56s
Why is exercising so important?
Show Details8min 55s
Why are watches so important?
Show Details9min 20s
Why is yawning so contagious?
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How the internet changed everything
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Why is music so important?
Show Details9min 35s
Why is mental health so important?
Show Details13min 45s
Why do we dream?
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Let's talk 2020!
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What would happen if all humans on earth suddenly disappeared?
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Why do superstitions exist?
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What happens to your body when you pull an all-nighter?
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The Chris Nate Show | Introduction
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