The Oakview

Two childhood best friends discussing everything in life. This podcast is an audio diary and a compilation of great best friend chats. We feel we have things to say and share that are worthwhile.

Episodes will mix conversations around work challenges, life advice, educational topics, funny stories, silly opinion debates, and interviews with individuals we know and want to know better. 

Our audience will feel like they are best friends with us and are a part of the conversation. Together we are continually growing. 

Episodes will air every Sunday.


6. Discovery
Show Details35min 17s
5. Secrets
Show Details28min 33s
4. For Us
Show Details25min 34s
3. Friendship
Show Details37min 53s
2. Values
Show Details40min 45s
1. Fully Committed
Show Details31min
The Oakview Trailer
Show Details55s