Ink of the Night: Exploring the Subconscious Creative Process

Season 2 | Episode 23
25m | Nov 7, 2023

Hosts Bonnie and Miranda and guest Beth Bonness delve into the fascinating connection between dreams and poetry. Beth's unique perspective of rediscovering her passion for poetry after experiencing life-altering strokes sheds light on how dreams and the subconscious mind can influence the creative process. The discussion explores the randomness of dreaming, the emotional seeds found in vivid dreams, and the potential for inspiration that comes from tapping into your subconscious. Beth also shares her approach of writing in the morning before her to-do list wakes up, using warm-up prompts to access her creativity, and letting her thoughts percolate during sleep. This episode offers valuable insights for writers of all genres and encourages listeners to explore the connection between their dreams and their creative work. Join Bonnie, Miranda, and Beth as they unravel the mysteries of the creative subconscious.

How often do you dream, and how often do you write about it? Have any interesting dreams lately? Share with us on our socials!

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Cover art by Maggie Walker

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