Playful Writing with Diane Samuels

Season 1 | Episode 1
42m | Oct 12, 2021

In this episode, I chat with Diane Samuels, the British playwright behind the hugely successful, Kindertransport. Diane's beautifully confronting play won the Verity Bargate Award in 1992 and Meyer-Whitworth Award in 1993 - enjoying a West End run at the Vaudeville Theatre in 1996 and an Off-Broadway production by Manhattan Theatre Club. We talk about Diane's playful approach to playwriting, her unique Writing & Meditation workshops; plus, a writing adventure that inspired a new creative direction.

Words of Wisdom

Diane Samuels... on being more of a cottage writer than an industrialist: "I want a writing life - the career is only part of that. It's not the point, it's an expression of it. If all you're concerned about is high-output and produce, you're gonna start making tasteless tomatoes!"

Conversation Highlights & Links

Connect with Diane

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