Movies & Manuscripts with Gary Goldstein

Season 1 | Episode 5
41m | Dec 7, 2021

In this episode, I talk to Gary Goldstein. Since cutting his teeth in the writer's room on TV shows like Saved By The Bell and Beverley Hills 90210, Gary has seen more than fifteen of his screenplays produced, including Hitched for the Holidays, starring Emily Hampshire and the first two movies in the Flower Shop Mystery series, starring Brooke Shields. Marking a new chapter in his career, Gary recently turned his hand to novel writing and is celebrating the publication of his debut novel, The Last Birthday Party, which is out now.

Words of Wisdom

Gary Goldstein on maneuvering around a writing roadblock... "I try to give myself three choices if I’m not sure what to do. I’ll pick the one that makes the most sense and go that way, and if it doesn’t work then I’ll back up and try number two. I’ve become over time more confident in the choices that I make, just knowing that they can change. But you have to make decisions and I think one thing that holds a lot of writers up; and causes some of what may be considered a block, is being indecisive".

Conversation Highlights & Links

  • [03:06] An unwavering work ethic
  • [07:00] The perfect pandemic project
  • [08:49] A writing room with a view
  • [12:52] Maneuvering around a writing roadblock
  • [16:31] Staying connected to the wider industry
  • [18:13] Gary's debut novel, The Last Birthday Party
  • [21:23] From screen and stage to the printed page
  • [30:23] Breaking into TV, Saved by the Bell 

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I talk to Chinese-Canadian playwright, Norman Yeung following the publication of his hit play, Theory. Be sure to follow or subscribe and we'll let you know when the next episode is published.

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