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The Unmotivational Podcast

I (Michael Paul Lane) was born and raised in a religious cult and left the home on my 18th birthday. I was finally allowed to date for the first time, listen to whatever I want, and do whatever I want- it was true freedom. But freedom and options can be complicated and overwhelming. Trying to understand what's right or wrong seemed impossible in the real world.

I started my first business at the age of 18, married by 19, and was burnt out and divorced by 23. Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, knocked off my feet, and driven by the scent of life, this action led me on a path towards profound self-discovery.

After years of starting companies, traveling the world, learning from so many people, and experiencing the edges of life- I decided to cultivate a personal brand that shares my rare perspective and truly reflects my personal style called QIAROSKURO. Qiaroskuro was designed for those unique individuals who choose to live a life of contrasting experiences. When the world goes left, you go right. 

I told myself when I was a young boy, struggling with my own mental health, that someday if I ever found answers - I would share them with the world. I am finishing a book called "in the absence of darkness..." to match the fragrance I have already released on the Qiaroskuro website. This book is my attempt at helping people in the dark, but also reminding us of the great power, motivation, and inspiration that can be drawn from these dark moments.

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