Episode 59: From Perfect to Progress, Embracing Imperfection on Your Scientific Journey with Kate Ahl

24m | Jul 10, 2023

Are you tired of constantly striving for perfection? In today's episode of "The Struggling Scientists," hosts Suzanne and Jayron tackle the topic of perfectionism and its detrimental effects on one's scientific journey.

They are joined by an insightful guest, Kate Ahl, a renowned psychotherapist specializing in working with academics, scientists, and knowledge workers. Together, they delve into the dark side of perfectionism, from its contribution to procrastination and impostor syndrome to its impact on progress and mental well-being.

Tune in as they uncover the hidden dangers of unexamined perfectionism within universities and knowledge industries and offer practical strategies to overcome this pervasive mindset. Get ready to embrace imperfection and unlock your true potential.

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Keywords: perfectionism, drawbacks, procrastination, impostor syndrome, lack of progress, universities, dysfunction, bullying, consequences, compassion, mistakes, emotional response, mindfulness, internally motivated, academic work, smart people, progress, phd, scientists, academia

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