Episode 72: Very Merry Christmas Science

15m | Dec 25, 2023

Dive into the festive season with Episode 72 of the "Struggling Scientists" podcast, where we unwrap the science behind Christmas! 🎄🔬

🎅 What does the real Santa look like? We delve into an intriguing study attempting to scientifically determine Father Christmas's facial features.

🍽️ Discover how Christmas dinner with your in-laws could be influencing your gut microbiota.

❄️ Learn about the unique and intricate structure of snowflakes and why no two are alike.

🫀 Uncover the concerning trend of increased heart attacks during the holiday season and the potential causes.

🧠 Lastly, we examine how our brains respond to Christmas-themed images, revealing a neurological basis for the 'Christmas spirit'.

This episode is a blend of light-hearted fun and genuine scientific exploration, perfect for anyone who loves science or is simply curious about the quirks of the holiday season. Don't forget to check out our website for more content, and support us by grabbing some cool merch!

Happy holidays and enjoy this blend of jolly science and holiday cheer! 🌟

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