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The Struggling Scientists

Welcome everyone to the Struggling Scientists Podcast. This is a podcast by Scientists, for Scientists. But also for aspiring Scientists, anyone science adjacent and perhaps even hobbyists. Together we will be trying to bring back the fun in science. We all know the scientific field can be difficult and hard at times and it is easy to lose sight of our passion and enthusiasm. In this podcast we will talk about the good, the bad, the drama, the ridiculousness and also success and failure in a hopefully fun and enjoyable way. Sometimes life as a PhDer can feel like a soap opera and having some fun with that is what we want to do.



Episode 38: Cutting Edge Research?!?.....Science news!
Show Details54min 43s
Episode 37: The Science/PhD Life... Writing tips from a professional!
Show Details46min 30s
Episode 36. Career talks... Switching from academia to industry with Nicole Betz
Show Details20min 46s
Episode 35: The Science/PhD Life... Defending your PhD with Dr. Maria Clemente
Show Details25min 39s
Episode 34: The Science/PhD Life... Scientific Writing Tips
Show Details27min 11s
Episode 33: Invited Scientist Dr. Dave Speijer- Symbiogenesis, the evolution of eukaryotes
Show Details57min 21s
Episode 32: Cutting Edge Research?!?... Science News!
Show Details38min 7s
Episode 31: The Science/PhD Life.... Going to an International Congress
Show Details41min 9s
Episode 30. Cutting-Edge Research?!? ... Screaming at Rats causes fertility issues
Show Details38min 5s
Episode 29: Career talks... How to start a Start-up
Show Details38min 17s
Episode 28: The Science Life.... Relaxing after the PhD
Show Details27min 59s
Episode 27: Cutting Edge Research?!?..... Can you gamefy your way into Nature?
Show Details29min 23s
Episode 26: The Science Life.. Our experience as 4th year PhDs
Show Details30min 28s
Episode 25: Cutting Edge Research?!?.... Obesity Accelerates Hair Thinning
Show Details25min 10s
Episode 24: The Science Life..... Talking with PhD advisors
Show Details45min 24s
Episode 23: The Science Behind ..... Cold Showers!
Show Details27min 26s
Episode 22: First author talks..... with Denise van Uden about her Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension paper
Show Details35min 3s
Episode 21: Invited Scientist international FameLab winner Alex Cloherty
Show Details43min 12s
Episode 20: Christmas Crossover with the Grad School Confessional Podcast
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 19: Cutting Edge Research?!?..... Butt-Breathing
Show Details22min 47s
Episode 18: Invited Scientist Dr. Dave Speijer- Does other intelligent life exist in the universe?
Show Details54min 54s
Episode 17: The Science Behind... Dreaming in Black and White
Show Details23min 58s
Episode 16: The Science Life... Why do I love doing a PhD?
Show Details41min 24s
Episode 15: Cutting Edge Research?! The Mozart effect in Epilepsy.
Show Details19min 41s
Episode 14: Tips For Future PhDs... Part 3. Tips for During the Application Process
Show Details28min 16s
Episode 13: Tips For Future PhDs... Part 2. Find a PhD Spot That Works For You!
Show Details21min 28s
Episode 12: Tips For Future PhDs... Part 1. The Phd, is it a good idea?
Show Details28min 8s
Episode 11: First Author Talks..... with Maria Clemente about her FHL2 paper
Show Details29min 45s
Episode 10: The Science Life... The Cursed Experiment!
Show Details42min 17s
Episode 9: The Science Behind.... Marathon running, is it healthy?
Show Details46min 26s
Episode 8: Cutting Edge Research?!?....... 3200 Hours of Gorilla Chest Beatings
Show Details25min 22s
Episode 7: The Science Life... The First in Person Congress after lockdown
Show Details27min 11s
Episode 6: Cutting Edge Research?!?..... Plant Researchers Are Biased
Show Details21min 11s
Episode 5: The Science Behind.... The mRNA Corona Vaccines
Show Details45min 31s
Episode 4: The Science Behind... Intermittent Fasting
Show Details26min 34s
Episode 3: Our Journey Towards Science Part 2
Show Details37min 3s
Episode 2: Our Journey Towards Science Part 1
Show Details32min 38s
Episode 1: Meet the Struggling Scientists
Show Details9min 21s