The Struggling Scientists

Welcome everyone to the Struggling Scientists Podcast. This will be a podcast by Scientists, for Scientists. But also for aspiring Scientists, anyone science adjacent and perhaps even hobbyists. Together we will be trying to bring back the fun in science. We all know the scientific field can be difficult and hard at times and it is easy to lose sight of our passion and enthusiasm. In this podcast we will talk about the good, the bad, the drama, the ridiculousness and also success and failure in a hopefully fun and enjoyable way. Sometimes life as a PhDer can feel like a soap opera and having some fun with that is what we want to do.


Episode 4: The Science Behind... Intermittent Fasting
Show Details26min 34s
Episode 3: Our Journey Towards Science Part 2
Show Details37min 3s
Episode 2: Our Journey Towards Science Part 1
Show Details32min 38s
Episode 1: Meet the Struggling Scientists
Show Details9min 21s