009: Full-time International Travel & Learning a Foreign Language | Adelaide from Talkbox.Mom

Season 1 | Episode 9
58m | Jun 28, 2021

When you're considering full-time (or even short-term) international travel, there are lots of questions that come up. Where should we stay? How do we budget? Wait - what about communicating in another language?!?

Our guest today is Adelaide from Talkbox.Mom and she's here to share her family's experience of traveling full time. I'm so excited to share this with you because she’s a fellow homeschool mom who loves to travel.

Plus, she has a unique talent - when she and her family arrive in a new country, they can start talking in that language right away. After about two weeks, they are talking and understanding the locals - and they are understanding them.

Today, she is here to share with us her experience of traveling full-time with her family and how they made everything work. But, also, how to experience a new place even deeper by learning the language. 

With five kids, they've learned a lot about how to be plan the logistics, get creative and stretch their dollars.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • How Adelaide and her family transitioned to full-time travel
  • How to start speaking the language as soon as you arrive in a new country (or at home)
  • Why learning a foreign language college style is setting you up for failure (a.k.a. verb conjugation isn’t the best place to start)
  • Tips for full time and international travel with kids
  • How to get your kids invested in trip planning and budgeting
  • Lots of energy and laughs! 

I absolutely loved this fun, energetic conversation with Adelaide and I know you will too! One of my favorite parts was when she shared a time she let one of her kids choose where they went on vacation and they immediately chose....wait for it...Kansas!! 😆

You're gonna want to listen to find out why, though! Plus, she shares how she gets her kids involved in planning AND paying for their travels.

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