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The Stoke Fam

If you’ve ever put off adventure because it was too much - too much stress, money, time, or (let’s be honest) whining, then this is the show for you. Because we’ve been there. 

Okay, fine. Truthfully, we’re still there half the time. 😅

But that’s what makes this show real. We’ve lived the “American Dream” that left us little time for the things we love, and we’ve struggled to make it all work. Now, we choose to prioritize family adventure because we’ve seen firsthand the impact it makes - in attitudes, confidence, happiness, and our connections with each other. 

Our goal on this show is to give you the confidence, tools, and inspiration you need to find your stoke. We’ll share interviews from real families doing amazing things, brands who make adventures easier, and practical advice we wish we’d known sooner.

Over the years, we’ve learned a LOT about family adventure and chances are if you’re struggling with the stress of it all, we can relate. But, we don’t know it all (no one does)- and you don’t have to either! 

Listen in to The Stoke Fam and learn how to make adventure part of your lifestyle. Whether your goal is to take road trips, shred the slopes, or go on epic hikes, it’s our goal to get you there.