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The Solo Podcast

Just a 20 year old guy thinking out loud and expressing my thoughts and feelings on a variety of topics with no script or plan as I try to navigate through life and explain everything I've got going on in my mind and what's around me.


Being the change you want to see
Show Details45min 55s
Obssession with success and the startup world
Show Details45min 58s
Who inspires you?
Show Details45min 50s
"Alpha Male"
Show Details45min 53s
Kevin Samuels
Show Details45min 51s
Ramblings of a mad man
Show Details45min 58s
The fallacy of being 'real' and university life
Show Details45min 55s
Defeating Procrastination & Life
Show Details50min 54s
Struggling with Procrastination
Show Details44min 58s
Hate: Conqueror of love
Show Details1hr 1min
Cardiac Conversation
Show Details45min 59s
Mental Health and Twitch
Show Details46min
Overcoming ADHD
Show Details1hr 6min
Existential Crisis
Show Details45min 57s
Conquering your mind
Show Details43min 27s
Show Details1hr 1min
Meg the Stallion
Show Details44min 59s
Mr. David Choe
Show Details1hr 1min
Show Details45min 53s
Self Therapy
Show Details45min 51s
Tales of yesteryear
Show Details1hr 31min