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The Singapore Noodles Podcast

The Singapore Noodles podcast features host Pamelia Chia, founder of Singapore Noodles (, engaging in open, honest conversations with people who are keeping Singaporean food heritage alive in their own ways. Join us to learn about how we can take an active role in preserving and embracing our Singaporean food heritage and culture.


75: On 'Singaporean chicken curry' and moving beyond singularity | Vasunthara Ramasamy, Culinary Teacher & Masterchef Singapore
Show Details1hr 30min
74: Making sustainability and reducing food wastage mainstream | Preston Wong, CEO and lead innovator of Treatsure
Show Details47min 8s
73: Supporting farmers and discovering the diversity of Southeast Asian produce | Evelyn Yap, Chef & Founder of Happivore
Show Details40min 17s
72: The book publisher who goes to the wet market | Edmund Wee, Publisher & CEO of Epigram Books
Show Details53min 52s
71: The ungroundedness and homesickness of overseas Singaporeans | Christopher Ng, blogger of Christopher’s Asian Delicacies
Show Details1hr 3min
70: The diversity, beauty, and healthfulness of the Malay diet | Khir Johari, researcher and author of The Food of Singapore Malays
Show Details36min 27s
69: Building the bridge between traditional food culture and Gen Zs | Christy Chua and Tan Aik, founder & editorial director and editor-in-chief of The Slow Press
Show Details51min 16s
68: An impassioned argument for home-cooking | Christopher Tan, writer, author of The Way of Kueh, and culinary instructor
Show Details1hr 8min
67: Embracing sustainability in a local food context | Desmond Shen, chef and founder of Tiffin Bicycle Club and Alter Native
Show Details1hr 2min
66: What Singapore’s prison cooking culture reveals about the human spirit | Sheere Ng, author of When Cooking Was A Crime and co-founder of In Plain Words
Show Details45min 7s
65: Rediscovering the vanishing art of fermentation | Rebecca Koh of Midnight Fermentary and Midnight Food Co.
Show Details30min 33s
64: Answering your questions, and looking ahead to 2022
Show Details17min 41s
63: The kuehs that bring a family together | Gladys Foo, founder of Kuehdys Foo
Show Details56min 50s
62: The past, present, and future of hawker food | Shen Tan, hawker, chef, and founder of OG Lemak & Ownself Make Chef
Show Details51min 37s
61: Modernizing heritage food to remind us of our roots | Marcus Leow, head of product development at Naked Finn
Show Details45min 29s
60: What we can learn from India’s approach to vegetables | Sowmiya Venkatesan, founder of Kechil Kitchen
Show Details43min 54s
59: In memory of a Nonya mother and a fading generation of professional housewives | Sharon Wee, author of Growing Up in a Nonya Kitchen
Hide Details43min 17s

Sharon Wee: “I always thought my mom deserves a book of her own, and I thought, why not a full-fledged cookbook… Peranakans are very guarded about their cooking secrets and recipes. I was going up against older sisters and relatives who weren’t sure if I should be doing this, sharing this publicly. You can ask a lot of families – they would feel that way. You can ask them, ‘How do you make that achar’, and they’ll say, ‘Cannot tell you – it’s a family secret!’ But I took a leap of faith – I actually wrote them down because I felt like if I didn’t do that, over time, we would forget how the achar was crunchy in the first place, or the different things that they did.”


Sharon Wee, author of ‘Growing Up in a Nonya Kitchen’ shares about her journey of learning to cook and connecting with her heritage, plus: *The way that vegetables were viewed in the past* *Motivations behind writing her cookbook* *Challenges encountered while writing her cookbook* *Saffron and evaporated milk in nasi briyani* *Reconciling health concerns with the Peranakan diet* *The fading generation of professional housewives and its impact on Singaporean food culture* *Her mantra of ‘practice makes perfect’* *The argument for cooking at home* *Keeping traditions alive in her new home* *How can heritage cuisine be preserved*

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43min 17s
Published Nov 15, 2021 at 1:05am
58: Modernizing the spice-blending trade | Anthony Leow, Founder of Anthony the Spicemaker
Show Details28min 4s
57: On finding joy and feeding your soul | Mandy Yin, founder of Sambal Shiok and author of Sambal Shiok
Show Details39min 3s
56: Creating more seats at the table of Singaporean food culture | Rovik Jeremiah Robert, founder of The Hidden Good, and co-host of the SGExplained podcast
Show Details45min 8s
55: Losing the sense of smell and rediscovering the joys of cooking | Chang Pick Yin of @pickyin
Show Details48min 30s
54: Transforming vegetables through culinary creativity and ingenuity | Gan Chin Lin of @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie
Show Details47min 3s
53: Rethinking consumption and making better food choices | Woo Qiyun, Founder of The Weird and Wild
Show Details51min 19s
52: Making cooking accessible without compromising on flavour | Lace Zhang, Author of Around the Dining Table and Three Dishes One Soup
Show Details29min 32s
51: A deep dive into mooncakes and Chinese pastry | Yeo Min, founder of Pastories
Show Details35min 54s
50: Showcasing the beauty of Little India | Yugnes Susela, founder of The Elephant Room
Show Details31min 54s
49: Understanding nuance in Singaporean food | Sook Yoon Yang, founder of Café Rumah
Show Details57min 35s
48: Dispelling the myth of the lazy native | Syazwan Majid, founder of Wan’s Ubin Journal
Show Details1hr 2min
47: Navigating the white gaze and erasure of Asian food culture | Surekha & Alia, Co-Founders of Periuk
Show Details47min 59s
46: Harnessing social media to share about Peranakan culture | Krisada Virabhak, Founder of All Things Peranakan
Show Details36min 21s
45: Indian food in Singapore, and what makes it distinct from food in India | Dhruv Shanker, Founder of Mad Onion Slicer and the Boring Food Workshops
Show Details40min 17s
44: The problem with ‘food influencers’ | Chriss Prowler @prowlergram, Founder of Follow the Farang
Show Details50min 49s
43: The thin line between the evolution and bastardization of dishes | Loh Yi Jun, food writer, content creator, and founder of the Take a Bao podcast
Show Details46min 26s
42: Coming to grips with the ‘rojak’ nature of Singapore’s people and its food | Sarah Benjamin Huang, content creator, food host, and director of Ethnographica
Show Details44min 14s
41: The Bangladeshi food stall with a mission | Lim Boon Kian, founder of Bangla Lim
Show Details35min 13s
40: Why kopi and kopitiams deserve celebration and recognition | Robert Chohan, founder of Kopi House UK
Show Details59min 48s
39: Jamu, a part of Singaporean food culture | Dana Safia, founder of JAMU by Dana Safia
Show Details27min 56s
38: Why we left the hawker trade | Hung Zhen Long & Jason Chua, owners of Beng Who Cooks
Show Details24min 7s
37: Seasonings roundtable, the Hari Raya Puasa edition | Hafizah Jainal, Firdaus Sani, Azfar Maswan, Hairil Sukaime, Nor Hadayah, Delfina Utomo, Taahira Booya & Mama Zi
Show Details55min 31s
36: Embracing fermentation in our homes & why it matters | Tan Ding Jie, founder of Starter Culture SG
Show Details29min 56s
35: What an Ayurvedic approach to food teaches us about health and wellness | Vasanthi Pillay, founder and president of the Ayurveda Association of Singapore
Show Details30min 24s
34: Transforming weakness to strength | Ken Koh, director and third-generation successor of Nanyang Sauce
Show Details45min 13s
33: Keeping Hari Raya Puasa traditions alive | Shamsydar Ani, Masterchef Singapore finalist & cookbook writer
Show Details42min 59s
32: Reconciling our heritage with a desire to do better for the environment | Khee Shi Hui of Tabaogirl
Show Details39min 39s
31: Roasted delights, a dying trade | Chong Jin Yuan, hawker chef-owner of Te Bak Kia Roasted
Show Details28min 17s
30: Casting a spotlight on indigenous produce using art | Syarifah Nadhirah, co-founder of Paperweight Studio and author of Recalling Forgotten Tastes
Show Details34min 21s
29: The Cantonese approach to food | Sam Wong, chef and founder of Lucky House Cantonese Private Kitchen
Show Details33min 46s
28: Air tangan & cooking from the heart | Nor Hadayah Mohamad, MasterChef Singapore Season 2 contestant
Show Details45min 9s
27: A deep dive on rasam, a functional food | Aruna Shanmuga Vadivel (The Everyday Singaporean Series)
Show Details34min 49s
26: A deep dive on urap, a Javanese vegetable dish | Hairil Sukaime (The Everyday Singaporean Series)
Show Details41min 17s
25: The brokenness of our food system and what we can do about it in Singapore | Toh Hui Ran (The Everyday Singaporean)
Show Details44min 17s
24: How foreign domestic workers (FDWs) keep Singaporean food heritage vibrant and alive | Leong Man Wei (The Everyday Singaporean)
Show Details33min 48s
23: Holding onto our cultural identities while living overseas | Tony Tan, writer of Hong Kong Food City and culinary teacher
Show Details1hr
22: Life as a Hawker Daughter | Felicia Tan (The Everyday Singaporean Series)
Show Details42min 49s
21: Preserving humble and everyday Peranakan cooking | Lloyd Matthew Tan, Author of Daily Nonya Dishes
Show Details57min 35s
20: Ulam, the superfood of Southeast Asia | Dr Eric Olmedo, Principal Research Fellow at the Institute of Ethnic Studies in Malaysia
Show Details48min 39s
19: What we can learn from the foreign domestic workers in our homes | Benjamin Lim (The Everyday Singaporean Series)
Show Details1hr 3min
18: What the act of gardening teaches us about cooking | Joanna Chuah, Founder of WWEdibles
Show Details57min 13s
17: Challenges and joys in learning from Singapore's elderly | Patricia Chen, Founder of Sekel Kitchen
Show Details59min 24s
16: Why food reviewers need to stop romanticizing hawker culture | Gregory Leow, Youtuber and Hawker Editor of Hungrygowhere
Show Details56min 2s
15: Putting street food and our hawkers on a pedestal | KF Seetoh, founder of Makansutra
Show Details1hr 7min
14: Reflecting on 2020 and looking ahead to 2021
Show Details45min 41s
13: The case for embracing your culture - clothes, food and all | Zaithoon and Taahira Booya, the mother-daughter duo behind Spice Zi Kitchen
Show Details48min 31s
12: In praise of Singaporeanness | Denise Fletcher, author of How to Cook Everything Singaporean and executive chef at Quentin’s Bar & Restaurant
Show Details53min 29s
11: A discussion on the Violet Oon ‘Peranakan nasi ambeng’ dispute | Azimin Saini, editor of Lifestyle Asia & founder of Tempeh Culture
Show Details1hr 15min
10: Pulau Semakau, more than a landfill | Firdaus Sani, founder of Orang Laut Sg
Show Details58min 11s
9: Why we cannot blame chefs for shying away from local cuisine | Alastiar Tan, chef at Restaurant Labyrinth
Show Details54min 41s
8: Why Filipino food is not what we think it is | Bryan Koh, cookbook writer & co-owner of Chalk Farm & Milk Moons
Show Details46min 6s
7: What the traditional Indian diet has to teach us about healthful eating | Devagi Sanmugam, consultant chef, cookbook author & cooking instructor
Show Details1hr 4min
6: Frugality, sustainability and reducing meat consumption | Ethel Hoon, chef at Klösterle & Hoon’s Chinese
Show Details46min 57s
5: Drawing on heritage to make vegetables exciting | Shane Stanbridge and C-Y Chia, founders of S+M Vegan and Lion Dance Café
Show Details34min 39s
4: Boldly challenging wet market conventions | Jeffrey Tan, founder of Dishthefish
Show Details35min 35s
3: Why you should visit your local spice (wo)man at the wet market | Jeya Seelan, founder of Jeya Spices
Show Details37min 56s
2: Inspiring a new generation of Singaporeans to care about heritage food | Shiny Phua, designer and founder of Ah Mah’s Legacy
Show Details33min 50s
1: Celebrating diversity in Singapore & why it matters | Damian D’Silva, Chef of Kin at Straits Clan
Show Details57min 33s
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