The Singapore Noodles Podcast

The Singapore Noodles podcast features host Pamelia Chia, founder of Singapore Noodles, engaging in open, honest conversations with people who care deeply about local food. Join us to learn about how we can take an active role in preserving and embracing our Singaporean food heritage and culture.


9: Why we cannot blame chefs for shying away from local cuisine | Alastiar Tan, chef at Restaurant Labyrinth
Show Details54min 41s
8: Why Filipino food is not what we think it is | Bryan Koh, cookbook writer & co-owner of Chalk Farm & Milk Moons
Show Details46min 6s
7: What the traditional Indian diet has to teach us about healthful eating | Devagi Sanmugam, consultant chef, cookbook author & cooking instructor
Show Details1hr 4min
6: Frugality, sustainability and reducing meat consumption | Ethel Hoon, chef at Klösterle & Hoon’s Chinese
Show Details46min 57s
5: Drawing on heritage to make vegetables exciting | Shane Stanbridge and C-Y Chia, founders of S+M Vegan and Lion Dance Café
Show Details34min 39s
4: Boldly challenging wet market conventions | Jeffrey Tan, founder of Dishthefish
Show Details35min 35s
3: Why you should visit your local spice (wo)man at the wet market | Jeya Seelan, founder of Jeya Spices
Show Details37min 56s
2: Inspiring a new generation of Singaporeans to care about heritage food | Shiny Phua, designer and founder of Ah Mah’s Legacy
Show Details33min 50s
1: Celebrating diversity in Singapore & why it matters | Damian D’Silva, Chef of Kin at Straits Clan
Show Details57min 33s
The Singapore Noodles Podcast: Trailer
Show Details1min 27s