The Savage Leader Podcast

Learn how to become a better leader from the inside out. This isn't your traditional leadership podcast as I believe that leadership lessons come from conventional sources such as entrepreneurs and successful business executives as well as from unexpected places; Navy SEALs, professional athletes, sports coaches, musicians, entertainers and more. On each episode, I interview leaders from all walks of life so that you walk away with tips to apply to your life and career.

I'm your host Darren Reinke, founder of Group Sixty and author of The Savage Leader: 13 Principles to Become a Better Leader from the Inside Out.


#3. Ad Results Media CMO Kurt Kaufer: Creating a Values-Driven Company
Show Details42min 28s
#2: Warriors Entertainment Teams Director Sabrina Ellison: Handling Pressure and Performing When It Counts
Show Details33min 22s
#1. Tipsy Elves Co-Founder Evan Mendelsohn: Taking the Road Less Travelled
Show Details37min 51s