• #55: Volo Beauty Co-Found​er​ Jonathan Friedman on ​Developing an Entrepreneurial Risk Profile

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with the Jonathan Friedman, Co-Founder and President of Volo Beauty, about his entrepreneurial journey. Jonathan shares insights into how he dealt with failure as an entrepreneur, how he learned to not take things personally, and how he developed a strong enough risk profile to take the entrepreneurial leap.

    Volo Beauty is a leading hair care brand dedicated to transforming peoples' daily hair routine. With a mission to make drying and styling your hair easier, faster, and healthier, Volo Beauty has created innovative products that harness the power of cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design. Volo Beauty is committed to empowering individuals to embrace their natural beauty and simplifying their hair care routine with exceptional quality and exceptional results.

    Show Notes:

    • When Jonathan knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur [00:57]
    • How Jonathan went from a MBA student to an entrepreneur [3:53]
    • The sequence of Jonathan’s career [5:29]
    • What Jonathan learned from being a scrappy salesperson [7:21]
    • Jonathan’s journey and key lessons learned from his machine shop and a software company [10:13]
    • How Jonathan became comfortable with the risks associated with entrepreneurship [13:06]
    • How Jonathan managed the personal toll entrepreneurship took [16:38]
    • The Volo Beauty Story [19:40]
    • How Jonathan successfully executed the art of the pivot [20:50]
    • The moment Jonathan felt like he “made it” [25:46]
    • How Volo engineered a wireless hair dryer [28:43]
    • Why Jonathan decided to raise additional money to pursue the cordless hair dryer [30:44]
    • What’s next for Volo [32:23]
    • The challenges Volo has faced while scaling [33:54]
    • The most important lessons Jonathan has learned from his entrepreneurial journey [35:30]


    38m | May 25, 2023
  • #54: William Toti on Making the Transition from Submarine Commander to CEO

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with former Navy Submarine Commander and Sparton CEO William Toti. William discusses what it’s really like to live on a submarine for months on end, the key leadership lessons he learned from the navy, solutions to help transitioning military members thrive, why companies need to hire more veterans, and so much more!

    Show Notes:

    -William’s original goal of becoming an astronaut [1:06]

    -What it's like being in a submarine for extended periods of time [4:36]

    -How being a submarine captain influenced William’s leadership and communication style [6:27]

    -The evolution of William’s career and how he transitioned out of the navy [9:47]

    -The crucial skills William developed that led to his rapid ascent to CEO [16:34]

    -The importance of mentorship in growing your career [21:43]

    -The biggest misconception civilians have with transitioning military members [24:58]

    -William’s suggestions for overcoming the three biggest barriers transitioning military members face [28:06]

    -The endless benefits companies receive by hiring veterans [30:35]


    Book: https://williamtoti.com/from-co-to-ceo-book/

    Website: https://williamtoti.com/

    35m | May 11, 2023
  • # 53: Musician Wes Geer on Life as a Rock Star and Transforming Lives through Music

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with musician and founding member of the band Hed PE and Korn guitarist, Wes Geer. Wes shares his experience falling in love with music, his inspiring story about addiction and how he overcame it, the factors that led him to starting to Rock to Recovery, and how Rock to Recovery is helping people battling addiction and mental illness all around the world.

    Rock to Recovery helps people heal and transform their lives through the powerful experience of writing, playing, and performing music as a group.

    Show Notes:

    • What Wes was interested in as a kid [00:50]
    • Wes’s first experience playing music [2:42]
    • When Wes realized becoming a professional musician was a viable path [5:07]
    • How Wes took guitar playing and turned it into a career [7:30]
    • Why Wes embraced vulnerability out on stage [12:14]
    • Why receiving validation from music is as magical as love [14:05]
    • Wes’s experience writing for his audience and witnessing their reactions live [15:53]
    • How Wes prepared for playing in front of large audiences [16:55]
    • How Wes overcomes negative feedback regarding his music [21:29]
    • What led Wes to start Rock to Recovery [25:28]
    • Benefits of Rock to Recovery participation [35:10]
    • What inspired Wes to turn Rock to Recovery into a business [38:24]
    • Rock to Recovery’s work with military veterans [40:30]



    44m | Apr 13, 2023
  • # 52: Crossing Borders Co-Founder Dan Chung on the North Korean Refugee Crisis and What His Organization is Doing to Help

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Crossing Borders. Dan shares stories of hope from some of the North Korean women he has worked with over the last 20 years, the spark that led him to creating Crossing Borders, his personal definition of Greatness, and so much more!

    Crossing Borders is a non-profit dedicated to helping North Korean refugees who cross the border into China for food and medical assistance. They are a faith-based organization devoted to helping these refugees and their children live safe, healthy and productive lives.

     Show Notes:

    • Understanding the North Korean refugee crisis [00:46]
    • When Dan became aware of the crisis and his spark to take action [3:44]
    • How Dan established a nonprofit to directly solve the crisis [6:20]
    • How Dan steered their nonprofit away from an American centric view and created a real organization [8:38]
    • How Dan overcame the challenges associated with raising money [10:43]
    • Describing early day challenges of having to overcome the American stereotypes many North Korean’s believed [12:51]
    • Understanding the services Crossing Borders provides [16:48]
    • How Crossing Borders successfully grows their community despite the need for high levels of secrecy [20:40]
    • The key differences Dan sees between for profit and nonprofit organizations [21:57]
    • What Dan has learned about himself as a leader over the last ten years [24:27]
    • Dan’s personal definition of Greatness [27:33]
    • What’s next for Crossing Borders [31:15]
    34m | Mar 2, 2023
  • #51: Supermojo CEO Amir Sarhangi On Why You Should Incorporate NFTs Within Your Business

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with the founder and CEO of Supermojo, Amir Sarhangi. Amir discusses his original spark for entrepreneurship, why conviction is the most important part of entrepreneurship, his decision to start another company after a successful exit, how he become interested in NFTs and so much more!

    Supermojo is a financing platform designed to make digital assets more accessible for users. The platform facilitates point-of-sale financing, like layaway, to make NFT purchases easier and collateralized lending for improved post-sale liquidity. Supermojo’s initial focus is to partner with marketplaces and storefronts to offer these services.

     Show Notes:

    • Amir’s original spark for entrepreneurship [00:38]
    • Amir’s first successful startup [1:55]
    • Embracing the highs and lows of entrepreneurship [4:18]
    • Amir’s process for creating alignment with his team [8:06]
    • Amir’s motivation to start another company after having a successful first exit [11:22]
    • Defining a non-fungible token (NFT) [14:33]
    • The current applications of NFTs [19:20]
    • What companies are doing to get into the NFT space [27:01]
    • How legacy companies can incorporate NFTs within their business [30:40]
    • How video games can help you understand NFTs [36:58]
    • How to harness the underlying technology of NFTs as a business owner [38:40]
    • How Amir prioritizes learning and growth within his business [41:38]
    • Where you can go to learn more about crypto, NFTs, and Supermojo [45:36]       





    47m | Jan 18, 2023
  • #50: Pray.com CFO Mike Lynn On Why You Can’t Afford to Play It Safe

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Pray.com, Mike Lynn. Mike discusses how is mom being swindled out of money during his childhood led him to pursue wealth management, why he left a very successful career at Merrill Lynch to pursue entrepreneurship, why you can’t book smart your way into being an entrepreneur, and so much more.

    Pray.com was launched in 2017 with a mission to grow faith, cultivate community, and leave a legacy of helping others. Today, Pray.com is the world’s No. 1 app for daily prayer with more than 12 million downloads. In addition to helping people make prayer a priority with its mobile app, Pray.com produced the Bible in a Year podcast, which hit #1 on Spotify in the religion category.

    Show Notes:

    • Mike Lynn’s background in Green Bay, Wisconsin [1:13]
    • How Mike used his mom’s financial tragedy as fuel to manage other people’s wealth [3:55]
    • What greatness looked like to Mike at a young age [5:22]
    • How Mike used his sense of greatness to achieve success within financial services [7:09]
    • Why Mike looked for other opportunities beyond wealth management [9:23]
    • The moment Mike learned about Pray.com [12:50]
    • Why Mike walked away from an incredibly successful career to pursue Pray.com [17:06]
    • How Mike leads with values within his personal and professional life [20:36]
    • Why Mike never considered himself a leader [23:29]
    • The practical steps Mike took to learn to lead a mission driven team [26:56]
    • What Mike is working on to become a better leader as Pray.com continues to grow [29:02]
    • Why authenticity is so critical in leadership [34:55]
    • Lessons learned from the pandemic [36:06]


    Website: http://pray.com/

    40m | Dec 21, 2022
  • #49: Singer Songwriter Christian Gibbs – The Importance of Prioritizing Authenticity

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with singer songwriter Christian Gibbs. Christian discusses how he got into the music business, how he joined iconic 80s band Modern English, how he balances commercial pressure from record labels with his desire to create authentic music, how he uses music to help kids, and so much more.

     Show Notes:

    • The spark that led Christian to music [0:38]
    • Christian’s fascination with song writing [1:15]
    • Embracing the vulnerability that comes with song writing [2:33]
    • What inspired Christian’s early songs [3:23]
    • How Christian harvests his creative ideas and captures them within his music [4:45]
    • How the audience influences how Christian’s songs unfold [8:05]
    • Christian’s big break [9:21]
    • Overcoming the pressure associated with performing in front of a large audience [11:25]
    • Christian’s routine to be prepared when it matters most [15:12]
    • Why high levels of self-confidence are needed to succeed in music [18:47]
    • How Christian balances commercial pressure with being authentic as a songwriter [22:30]
    • How music is entrepreneurship [27:45]
    • How Christian continues to grow in his craft [29:39]
    • Why Christian starting working with Rock to Recovery [31:13]
    • Christian’s latest song [35:00]
    37m | Dec 8, 2022
  • #48: Mitchell Thorp Foundation Co-Founder, Beth Thorp – Transforming Grief Into Purpose

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with Beth Thorp, co-founder and executive director of the Mitchell Thorp Foundation. Beth discuss how losing her son to a mysterious illness led her and her husband to starting the Mitchell Thorp Foundation, how they harnessed their grief and turned it into purpose, the positive impact their foundation has had on kids with life threatening illnesses, their families, and their communities and so much more!

    Mitchell Thorp Foundation's mission is to support families whose children suffer from life-threatening illnesses, diseases, and disorders by providing financial and emotional resources to help with their desperate situations.

    Show Notes:

    • The story behind the Mitchell Thorp Foundation [0:57]
    • How Beth found the courage to start the foundation and honor her son’s legacy [4:59]
    • The strategies Beth and Brad Thorp utilized to maximize their foundation’s impact [9:55]
    • How Beth goes about engaging her community and attracting volunteers [14:43]
    • The early struggles of running a nonprofit and how Beth overcame them [18:22]
    • An example of Beth’s nonprofit helping a local family in need [21:43]
    • The future of the Mitchell Thorp Foundation [24:45]


    Website: https://www.mitchellthorp.org/

    26m | Nov 10, 2022
  • #47. Black Mamba Foods Founder and CEO, Claudia Castellanos – The Importance of Metrics and Accountability in Social Impact Companies

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with Claudia Castellanos, founder and CEO of Black Mamba Foods. Claudia discusses how a decision to volunteer in Africa led her to find her life’s purpose, the importance of metrics and accountability for social impact businesses, how Black Mamba Food measures their impact, and how companies can expand their influence and make a difference.

    Black Mamba’s range of chili sauces, chili pastes, pestos, chutneys and jams are all made with organically grown ingredients sourced locally, and “no added nonsense” - they don’t add any artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. They source their fresh ingredients through Guba, a local permaculture NGO. Guba collaborates with 50 local farmers who grow fresh organic herbs and chilis for their products through regenerative farming methods. The direct positive impact of this partnership reaches over 1,000 individuals in Eswatini.

    Show Notes:

    • Claudia’s journey from growing up in Bogota, Columbia to starting a business is Eswatini, Southern Africa [1:02]
    • Why Claudia originally hoped to never work with food again [3:36]
    • Claudia’s quest to find her purpose [4:30]
    • How Claudia became clear on her "Why" [7:47]
    • Transitioning from part-time volunteering to full-time employment in Africa [9:42]
    • The early challenges of starting Black Mamba Foods [11:22]
    • The critical marketing strategies Black Mamba Food deployed to gain access to new markets [13:40]
    • How Black Mamba Foods connected with customers and developed products for local markets [15:38]
    • Black Mamba Food’s impact on the community [17:52]
    • The future of Black Mamba Foods [21:43]
    • Claudia’s advice for companies wanting to have a greater impact [23:40]
    • The practical steps companies can take to be more effective in having an impact [25:22]
    • Why you must run your business successfully to have a true impact [26:55]
    • How Black Mamba Foods measures their social impact [30:54]


    Black Mamba Foods Website: https://blackmambachilli.com/

    36m | Oct 26, 2022
  • #46. Quiverr Founder and President Ryan Mulvany on Turning a Side Hustle into a Scalable Company

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with Ryan Mulvany, Founder and President of Quiverr. Ryan shares how he turned a side hustle into a scalable company that he eventually sold, the importance of trust in scaling critical business relationships, and how his willingness to lean into being different has helped him in both business and in life.

    Quiverr is a leader in full-service Amazon Marketplace Optimization. They help brands increase their revenue utilizing years of understanding Amazon’s A9 search algorithm, advertising platforms, conversion rate optimization, channel management, and more.

    Show Notes:

    • Ryan’s first spark with entrepreneurship [1:20]
    • Where Ryan originally saw his career going [2:18]
    • The catalyst that introduced Ryan to Amazon [4:34]
    • The evolution of Ryan’s Amazon sales journey [4:45]
    • How the launch of the Kindle introduced Ryan to drop shipping [7:52]
    • What sparked the transition from a fun side hustle into a full blown business [9:20]
    • How Ryan built trust with huge brands in the marketplace [12:19]
    • The business models Ryan and his partners used to exponentially scale the business [15:37]
    • The big lessons Ryan had to learn to evolve into an effective CEO [17:46]
    • How Ryan inspires an entrepreneurial spirit within his employees [19:37]
    • How Ryan navigated making decisions based on gut instinct vs. tangible data [23:52]
    • Navigating the discomfort that arises from “being different” [29:36]
    • The areas Ryan embraces as being good, not great [31:20]
    • How Ryan thinks about building his own personal brand [34:50]
    • Why Ryan is a believer in balancing your life by living in the plurality [37:10]
    • Ryan’s advice on how to embrace greater creativity and adopt broader perspectives [39:20]


    42m | Oct 12, 2022
  • #45. Ziksana Consulting President Akshay Sateesh – The Importance of “Play” in the Workplace

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with Akshay Sateesh, president of Ziksana Consulting. Akshay discusses how going to school in Malaysia with kids from over 100 different countries equipped him with values of curiosity and adaptability, how improv inspired a career change, and the importance of bringing "play" into the workplace.

    Show Notes:

    • Akshay’s unique multi-cultural background and how it has shaped his life’s perspective [0:57]
    • How celebrating multiple cultures led to Akshay’s values of curiosity and adaptability [2:30]
    • Akshay’s next steps after moving out of Malaysia [4:54]
    • What defined Akshay’s “awakening” and what drove him to make a shift [8:01]
    • Defining Improv and the difference between short form and long form [11:01]
    • How play shows up for adults [13:20]
    • How Akshay integrates play within the workplace [15:53]
    • Darren and Akshay bring play to the podcast [19:19]
    • Why you can’t be creative until you are playful [25:58]
    • How you can effortlessly introduce play into your workplace [29:20]
    • What you can do to cultivate a greater sense of play within yourself and others [33:16]
    • How to connect play to your work environment for greater results [36:41]


    Ziksana Consulting Group website

    Ziksana Instagram

    Ziksana LinkedIn

    41m | Sep 8, 2022
  • #44. Author and Entrepreneur Mike Michalowitz – Eradicating Entrepreneurial Poverty

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with business author Mike Michalowitz. Mike discusses his entrepreneurial, how he went bankrupt after starting and selling multiple successful companies, how he found his calling of eradicating entrepreneurial poverty, and why psychological ownership is the key to getting the most out of your people.

    Mike is the author of seven business books published by Penguin Random House, including Get Different, Profit First and Clockwork, and is the former host of the "Business Rescue" segment for MSNBC's Your Business.

    Show Notes:

    • Finding your greater why [1:26]
    • How Mike’s greater why became eradicating entrepreneurial poverty [3:14]
    • How Mike goes about living out his calling [5:33]
    • How Mike infuses his purpose within the executives and leaders he helps [7:47]
    • The key component most companies miss that costs them high levels of employee engagement [12:26]
    • Why psychological ownership is the most important determinant of an individual’s success within their role [15:18]
    • Techniques to improve psychological ownership within your organization [18:58]
    • Mike’s new book and why he wrote it [21:28]


    27m | Aug 24, 2022
  • #43: Premiere Sports Agent and Best Selling Author Leigh Steinberg – Why You Need to Practice Being More Present

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with Leigh Steinberg, a premiere sports agent, author, and philanthropist. Leigh discusses the skillsets learned from negotiating with Ronald Reagan, his journey to becoming a successful sports agents, the importance of strong values, and why you should go to a planetarium if you need perspective.

    During his 41-year career, Leigh Steinberg has represented over 300 professional athletes in football, baseball, basketball, boxing, and Olympic sports. He has represented the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft a record eight times and is often credited as the real-life inspiration for the sports agent in Cameron Crowe's film Jerry Maguire.

     Show Notes:

    • What Leigh was passionate about growing up in Los Angeles [1:09]
    • What drew Leigh to attend UC Berkeley over UCLA [3:01]
    • What Leigh learned from negotiating against Ronald Reagan [4:32]
    • Why learning how to listen is the key to developing trust [6:44]
    • The difficult lessons Leigh learned that helped him become fully present [10:28]
    • The practical steps Leigh takes to understand the finiteness of life [15:00]
    • How Leigh sharpened his skillsets when first becoming a sports agent [16:10]
    • The techniques Leigh uses to help athletes develop their own brands [20:14]
    • How Leigh evaluates clients to determine their viability as a brand [23:13]
    • How social media has impacted Leigh’s clients and their brands [26:24]
    • How athletes’ brands have changed over the years and how Leigh helps coach life after athletics [27:48]
    • How Leigh continues to live out his father’s strong values [33:48]
    • What’s next for Leigh [38:45]
    42m | Jul 28, 2022
  • #42. ServiceNow Impact, GM Aaron Fulkerson - The Power of Pathological Optimism and Strong Values

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with Aaron Fulkerson, a technology entrepreneur, founder of MindTouch, and a General Manager for ServiceNow. Aaron talks about his untraditional path into technology, why he thinks you should run a company like a sports team instead of a family, why generalists are less likely to be displaced by technology, and so much more! 

    Show Notes

    • Aaron's untraditional background and why he started his career later than most [1:12] 
    • The lessons Aaron learned from solo travel in the woods [3:15]
    • How domestic travel led Aaron to philanthropy [4:45]
    • How Aaron created a career in technology [9:16]
    • Understanding open source projects and how it can integrate within a business model [12:01]
    • How you can apply open source concepts within your own business [14:26]
    • The implications of creating a technology company without venture capital [16:55]
    • How Aaron navigated being a first time CEO when founding MindTouch [18:56]
    • How Aaron built a strong value system at his first company [22:37]
    • How you execute on a vision and how it differs between startups and large companies [26:03]
    • How middle managers and below can successfully execute on a vision [31:15]
    • Why Aaron feels he’s been successful in sales [34:03]
    • Why you need to always Start with Why [36:09]
    • Why leadership requires pathological optimism [39:27]
    • The value of being a specialist vs a generalist [40:06]
    42m | Jul 14, 2022
  • #41: Former Breg CEO Brad Lee -Why You Should Lean Into Your Fears

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with Brad Lee, former president and CEO of Breg. Brad discusses his interest in engineering from an early age, the “Aha” moment that led him on his journey to becoming a CEO, the most important lessons he learned from leaning into his fears, and so much more!

    Show Notes:

    • How taking apart household appliances as a little kid led Brad to engineering [1:06]
    • Why Brad decided to pursue chemical engineering [2:27]
    • What career Brad hoped to pursue after graduating college [5:15]
    • How Brad learned to become a sales person [7:20]
    • The evolution of Brad’s career from engineering to sales and to marketing [9:34]
    • The moment Brad decided he wanted to be a CEO [12:38]
    • What skills, behaviors, and experiences Brad sought out on his journey to becoming CEO [15:00]
    • Why people are so afraid of saying “I Don’t Know” [19:25]
    • Why leaning into a fear is smart and productive [22:16]
    • Brad’s advice for those struggling to lean into their fears [25:09]
    • The major differences between running a private and a public company [30:56]
    • How Brad’s leadership style evolved between managing a private and public company [34:16]
    • The benefits of humility within leadership [35:56]
    • How Brad embraced delegating and learned to trust as a CEO [40:58]
    46m | Jun 29, 2022
  • #40: Saint Jane Beauty CEO Casey Georgeson on Creating Powerful Brands and Managing the Perception of CBD

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with Casey Georgeson, Founder and CEO of Saint Jane. Casey discusses how a $10,000 loan during the Great Depression started her family’s legacy of entrepreneurship, the importance of work life balance as a founder and CEO, why she feels the most successful and powerful brands are emotional, and CBD’s array of health benefits.

    Saint Jane is a luxury CBD beauty company that is small-batch-crafted in California with thoughtful ingredients for an unparalleled skincare experience.

    Show Notes:

    • Casey’s spark for pursuing entrepreneurship [1:05]
    • Why Casey believes the most powerful branding is emotional [5:25]
    • How Casey’s great grandmother started the country’s two largest wine companies during the Great Depression [10:33]
    • Understanding the Saint Jane Story and why it was Casey’s clearest brand idea yet [14:52]
    • How Casey navigated the early stages of starting her brand [19:18]
    • The three legs of Saint Jane’s brand positioning [21:00]
    • How Casey manages the perceptions and expectations of being a founder and representing a brand [21:43}
    • How Casey effectively manages brand perception [25:28]
    • How Casey navigates advocating for CBD [27:24]
    • Why Saint Jane’s mission is to heal people’s skin [28:27]
    • How Casey balances growing her business with prioritizing her family [31:00]
    • Why sleep and HIIT workouts act as Casey’s guardrails in sustaining performance [37:02]
    • A sneak peak into the future of Saint Jane [40:16]
    • Where you can find Saint Jane’s products [41:23]


    42m | Jun 1, 2022
  • #39: Oklahoma Thunder TV Play by Play Announcer Chris Fisher – The Importance of Curiosity and Versatility

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with Chris Fisher, the Oklahoma Thunder’s play by play announcer. Chris discusses how his passion for sports started at an early age, why his first job taught him the importance of hard work and embracing the “grind”, why versatility is a critical component in achieving success, and so much more.

    Show Notes:

    • How Chris got involved in sports [1:06]
    • Chris’s early successes as a sports broadcaster [4:57]
    • How authenticity and curiosity led to Chris’s first big breakthrough in broadcasting [10:24]
    • Why Chris’s first job was a good baptism for rugged, hard work [14:10]
    • How Chris stood out from the pack and got that next job [17:49]
    • The big break that led Chris to becoming an NBA announcer [20:38]
    • How Chris overcame imposter syndrome when announcing his first NBA game [24:18]
    • How Chris found his authentic style as an announcer [26:53]
    • The one skill Chris puts more effort into than anything else [30:44]
    • How mentors have contributed to Chris’s success [32:24]
    • Why Chris believes that “versatility will take you places” [36:53]
    • How Chris stays sharp and pushes himself to be better [40:15]
    • How Chris creates intention behind everything he does [43:04]
    • Where is Chris Fisher? [46:06]
    48m | May 12, 2022
  • #38. Serial Entrepreneur Sanjit Singh – Developing a Startup Mindset

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with Sanjit Singh, a serial entrepreneur who has launched several tech start-ups and had two successful exits. Sanjit discusses the art of the pivot, why you should create playbooks for your organization, how your business can thrive by adopting a startup mindset, and so much more.

     Show Notes:

    • Why Sanjit jumped into entrepreneurship [1:10]
    • Key lessons Sanjit learned before beginning his entrepreneurship journey [2:15]
    • How sales equipped Sanjit to thrive in startups [2:47]
    • Sanjit’s leap from his corporate job to his first startup [4:11]
    • Understanding the paradox of pivots [7:20]
    • Defining pivots throughout Sanjit’s career [9:35]
    • How Sanjit builds the engine for repeatable and predictable revenue [11:39]
    • The process behind building a flywheel [14:24]
    • Why you should create playbooks for your business [16:45]
    • The biggest mistakes companies make in developing their sales and marketing practices [19:12]
    • How startup principles can be applied to larger, more established organizations [25:17]
    • The key trends and gaps Sanjit is seeing within companies and leadership [26:40]
    • The impact Sanjit is striving for with his company, BOLTT.io [31:14]
    • The future for Sanjit and BOLTT.io [33:39]



    35m | Apr 14, 2022
  • #37. Billy McKnight, Head Basketball Coach, Prolific Prep - How to Create Team Chemistry with a Team of Top Players

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with Billy McKnight, head basketball coach at Prolific Prep. Billy shares his journey to becoming a professional coach, how he creates team chemistry with a team of uber achievers, the impact of NIL on athletic development, preparing high school kids for college and the NBA, and much more. 

    Prolific Prep is a prep basketball team based in Napa, CA that aims to foster the growth of prolific student-athletes, who are impactful citizens and elite basketball players. Past players include Gary Trent Jr. of the Toronto Raptors, #4 overall pick Josh Jackson, as well as numerous players recruited to schools such as Duke, Kansas, UCLA, Xavier, Ohio State, and Oregon.

    41m | Mar 31, 2022
  • #36. Rae Tanner, Talent Development Expert – Why You Should Promote Psychological Safety

    In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with talent development expert Rae Tanner. Rae talks about psychological safety and the critical role it plays in driving employee engagement, how you can reshape your current corporate culture, tips companies can use to thrive in a work from home and hybrid work environment, the importance of authentically connecting with your employees, and so much more!

    Show Notes:

    • What sparked Rae’s interest in leadership development and what she focused on[1:00]
    • Why the inability to predict the future motivates Rae [2:30]
    • Why technology has drastically changed learning and development [5:46]
    • Practical tips to refine leadership development within your organization on a global scale [7:22]
    • Identifying the key influencers in shaping your corporate culture [11:44]
    • How you can measure the climate of your team and organization [15:10]
    • Why psychological safety is the key piece in building a successful remote and hybrid work environment [26:50]
    • The importance of personal and professional check ins [29:25]
    • How to successfully encourage your teams to prioritize wellness [34:40]
    • The one question you should ask your employees to drastically improve employee engagement [37:14]
    • How Rae believes the Learning and Development Industry will shift over the next 5-10 years [41:42]
    42m | Mar 18, 2022
The Savage Leader Podcast