Episode 45: Enter the Goat Squad with The Goat Squad

Episode 45
1h 38m | Jun 16, 2022

On this episode Santos speaks with members of the Hip-Hop conglomerate, group, label, and movement The Goat Squad!

Santos speaks to several members of the Goat Squad ( Tru Werdz, K Banger, Tony Dimes, King Vir2ue, B.A.L.L.E.R. Brown, Toby Manson, Yours Truly, Tricky Haze, Loretta's Only, and Gonz); about all things Hip-Hop from agism, Can an MC still be considered elite if he/she has a ghostwriter? The importance of preserving the Old School, the legacy of Kanye West, Who is the GOAT SQUAD? What does is take to compete in today's current music industry, The Goat squad spits some bars, plus SANTOS SPITS A FREESTYLE, and much more!

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