The Santos Says Podcast

Are Fashion, Sports, and lifestyle at the center of your universe? Each Thursday join Santos, New York based Latino internet entrepreneur owner of, as he offers his unique perspective on streetwear fashion, sports, lifestyle, and more. Plus, he interviews guests to discuss some of their own experiences and hot takes. Whether you are a Sneakerhead, Basketball enthusiast, or enjoy unapologetic opinions, this podcast is for you.


Episode 17: HIS-PANIC IS HER-PANIC with Original Moon
Show Details1hr 31min
Episode 16: What is Santos Threads?
Show Details31min 13s
Episode 15: Has the Sun set on Mr. West?
Show Details34min 35s
Episode 14: Hip-Hop Homecoming featuring Warren Britt
Show Details1hr 38min
Episode 13: Why the Adidas and Reebok partnership failed.
Show Details56min 14s
Episode 12: Hip-Hop and Dembow (Interview with recording artist/actress FRAZE)
Show Details50min 43s
Episode 11: 96' Till' Infinity (Dream Team I vs Dream Team II)
Show Details48min 51s
Episode 10: The Latinx Files
Show Details36min 25s
Episode 9: Catching up with Cuba (Interview with Cuban Link)
Show Details1hr 49min
Episode 8: Baseball is Off-Base (What has happened to Baseball?)
Show Details48min 32s
Episode 7: The Santos Summer Style Staples
Show Details41min 23s
Episode 6: R & Bianca (The State of R&B with artist Bianca)
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 5: The Sweet Science (Relationships are like Boxing!)
Show Details38min 26s
Episode 4: Believe What you Can't See! (Stop Looking up to Celebrities) With Nathaniel
Show Details1hr 44min
Episode 3: Can I Kick it? (Who Ruined Sneaker Culture?)
Show Details42min 36s
Episode 2: Family First
Show Details53min 33s
Episode 1: Broken Silence
Show Details28min 58s