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The Retail Perch

The Retail Perch podcast is hosted by the powerful duo Shekar Raman, CEO of Birdzi and Gary Hawkins, CEO of Center for Advancing Retail & Technology (CART). We are happy to report that we have made the "Top 15 Grocery Industry Podcasts to Follow in 2021" by Feedspot. The list can be found here:

This podcast aims to provide a fresh perspective and framework for how you view your everyday grocery trips. Whether you're a retailer, entrepreneur, or a curious mind tuning in, there is something in store for everyone. Each Monday, your hosts will share supermarket analysis, personal stories about the industry, along with their views to provide you with further insight into everything retail grocery and AI.

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77. Interview with Shawn Tuckett of Webstop
Show Details40min 31s
76. Interview with Russ Hawkins of Agilence
Show Details39min 28s
75. Interview with Kevin Sterneckert of DemandTec
Show Details43min 19s
74. Interview with Doug Madenberg of The Feedback Group
Show Details40min 28s
73. Interview with Stephen Statler of Wiliot
Show Details45min 33s
72. Interview with Arsen Avakian of Cooler Screens
Show Details46min 29s
71. Interview with Jay Jordan of Strella Biotechnology
Show Details39min 47s
70. Interview with Sterling Hawkins
Show Details45min 3s
69. Interview with Lucinda Wright of Cask & Kettle
Show Details39min 39s
68. Interview with Adam Zimmerman of DESIGN HOUSE
Show Details32min 58s
67. Interview with Alicia Esposito of Retail TouchPoints
Show Details33min 36s
66. Interview with Tommy Yionoulis of OpsAnalitica
Show Details48min
65. The Path to Personalization: Part III
Show Details27min 42s
64. The Path to Personalization: Part II
Show Details33min 43s
63. The Path to Personalization: Part I
Show Details29min 8s
62. Interview with Manolo Almagro of Q Division
Show Details35min 26s
61. Interview with Michael Solomon Expert on Consumer Behavior
Show Details40min 16s
60. Interview with Jason Goldberg of Retailgeek
Show Details36min 22s
59. Interview with Harold Lloyd of Harold Lloyd Presents
Show Details49min 16s
58. Interview with David Klavsons of King Juice Co./Calypso Lemonade
Show Details41min 39s
57. Interview with Rupal Patel of VocaliD
Show Details44min 26s
56. Interview with Daniel Lundh of Lifvs powered by Storekey
Show Details40min 33s
55. Interview with John Readman of BOSCO™ powered by Modo25
Show Details46min 25s
54. Harold Lloyd Presents Share Group
Show Details24min 16s
53. Interview with Mike Novosel of Cardlytics
Show Details42min 46s
52. Interview with Jeremy Neren of GrocerKey
Show Details33min 34s
51. Interview with Brandon Scholz of WGA
Show Details41min 52s
50. Gary and Shekar review The NGA Show and GroceryShop
Show Details26min 5s
49. Interview with Victor Penev of Edamam LLC
Show Details40min 48s
48. Interview with Marcus Sredzinski of ScriptSave
Show Details37min 47s
47. Interview with Annette Franke
Show Details43min 24s
46. Interview with Greg Ferrara of National Grocers Association
Show Details40min 25s
45. Interview with Karthikeya Easwar from Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business
Show Details46min
44. Interview with Steve Dennis author of Remarkable Retail
Show Details42min 59s
43. Richard Kestenbaum of Triangle Capital LLC
Show Details38min 28s
42. Interview with Sandra Duff of Jackman
Show Details34min 21s
41. Interview with ShiSh Shridhar of Microsoft Startups
Show Details40min 29s
40. Retail Roundup!
Show Details35min 14s
39. Interview with Joe Lampertius of ChaseDesign
Show Details49min 8s
38. Interview with Olga Yurovski, Inventor & CEO of Shopperations
Show Details34min 54s
37. Interview with Ashish Shrowty, Co-Founder, Divebell Inc.
Show Details40min 27s
36. Interview with Orlee Tal of
Show Details40min 9s
35. Interview with Refinition
Show Details43min 20s
34. Michael Haase of Plant Jammer
Show Details41min 5s
33. Interview with Manil Uppal of Delivery Solutions
Show Details39min 36s
32. Interview with Jon Kramer of JMK Solutions
Show Details40min 12s
31. Interview with Marcus Startzel of Whitebox Inc.
Show Details40min 28s
30. Interview with Diana Fryc of Retail Voodoo
Show Details41min 58s
29. Interview with Jeff Ketner and Catherine Seeds of Ketner Group Communications
Show Details44min 59s
28. Interview with Jon Stine of Open Voice Network
Show Details46min 20s
27. Interview with Doug Baker of FMI
Show Details45min 6s
26. Conversation with Mary Scimone: Actionable Customer metrics
Show Details37min 19s
25. Interview with Di Di Chan of FutureProof Retail
Show Details34min 39s
24. Interview with Spencer Price and Gabriel Nipote of Halla
Hide Details34min 38s

In this episode of The Retail Perch, Shekar and Gary interview Spencer Price, CEO and Gabriel Nipote, COO of Halla, the taste intelligence company. These co-founders explain how the challenge of finding a restaurant for different people with different dietary requirements and preferences inspired the creation of Halla. Their goal is to help shoppers sort through the noise and expand their basket size through relevant recommendations based on individual tastes. Also in this episode, the hosts and guests discuss the changing retail landscape and the tools available to help grocers compete.

34min 38s
Published Mar 15, 2021 at 4:43pm
23. Interview with Katie Hotze of Grocery Shopii
Show Details43min 1s
22. Retail Roundup
Show Details26min 6s
21. Customer Intelligence Platform
Show Details18min 40s
20. Interview with Nir Pilo: Part 2
Show Details28min 42s
19. Interview with Nir Pilo: Part 1
Show Details27min 50s
18. Interview with David Ganoung, Harps Food Stores
Show Details26min 17s
17. Loyalty and Personalization...They're Not the Same Thing
Show Details25min 23s
16. How are Your Shoppers Coping with the Holidays?
Show Details12min 16s
15. Welcoming back The Retail Feedback Group
Show Details35min 53s
14. Interview with Mary Scimone
Show Details39min 55s
13. Interview with Sterling Hawkins
Show Details43min 2s
12. Interview with David Matthews of RevTech Ventures
Show Details29min 50s
11. Interview with Gary Hawkins on Retail 4.0
Show Details28min 27s
10. Retail Roundup
Show Details19min 38s
9. Interview with Weis Markets
Show Details35min 49s
8. Interview with Coborn's, Inc.
Show Details39min 26s
7. Interview with The Retail Feedback Group
Show Details41min 56s
6. Retail Roundup
Show Details20min 35s
5. Digital Engagement
Show Details25min 12s
4. Technology Trends
Show Details22min 55s
3. Challenges in Retail Technology
Show Details32min 51s
2. A Look Back Into Retail & Loyalty Marketing
Show Details26min 8s
1. Welcome To The Retail Perch
Show Details26min 47s