93. Interview with Raz Golan of Shopic

41m | Jul 17, 2023

This week, Gary and Shekar are joined by Raz Golan co-founder of Shopic, a company that has transformed the shopping experience to another level. Shopic seamlessly integrates online stores with physical retail stores, enabling businesses to manage inventory, sales, and customer interactions in one unified system. It offers a streamlined shopping experience for both online and in-store customers, fostering efficient and effective retail operations. Shopic has developed an artificial intelligence based device called Smart Cart that attaches to a shopping cart. With cutting edge technology can detect when shoppers remove and add items to their cart acting as a self checkout. Raz discusses his background and the brainstorm that led to the creation of Smart Carts. Gary, Shekar, and Raz talk about the inspiration behind Shopic, the process of onboarding a retailer, and much more.

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