The Retail Perch

The Retail Perch podcast is hosted by the powerful duo Shekar Raman, CEO of Birdzi and Gary Hawkins, CEO of Center for Advancing Retail & Technology (CART). 

This podcast aims to provide a fresh perspective and framework for how you view your everyday grocery trips. Whether you're a retailer, entrepreneur, or a curious mind tuning in, there is something in store for everyone. Each Monday, your hosts will share supermarket analysis, personal stories about the industry, along with their views to provide you with further insight into everything retail grocery and AI.

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5. Digital Engagement
Show Details25min 12s
4. Technology Trends
Show Details22min 55s
3. Challenges in Retail Technology
Show Details32min 51s
2. A Look Back Into Retail & Loyalty Marketing
Show Details26min 8s
1. Welcome To The Retail Perch
Show Details26min 47s