The Mindset Effect

Kevin and Andrew explore the various effects that your mindset has in your life, from interactions with others to monetary success, and to achieving your goals.


Kevin Li:

Andrew Gunderman:


E47 | Pierce Showe on Maximizing Efficiency
Show Details35min 19s
E46 | Oliver Rutherford on Improving Education
Show Details35min 37s
E45 | Making a Difference
Show Details20min 26s
E44 | Do You Have What It Takes
Show Details18min 29s
E43 | It's Okay to Brag
Show Details17min 25s
E42 | Nice Guys Finish Last
Show Details17min 41s
E41 | Nuances of Work-Life Balance
Show Details18min 14s
E40 | Reframing Stress
Show Details18min 51s
E39 | Self Perception and Reality
Show Details30min 54s
E38 | On Pain
Show Details31min 58s
E37 | Overcoming Social Pressure
Show Details30min 53s
E36 | Meaningful Morning Routines
Show Details27min 20s
E35 | Relationships, Biases, Importance of Problems
Show Details44min 31s
E34 | Being Critical About Cancel Culture
Show Details17min 44s
E33 | Becoming the Alpha
Show Details39min
E32 | Getting Through the Hard Times
Show Details32min
E31 | The Mindset of Great Leaders
Show Details45min 47s
E30 | Ava Wettrick on Efficiency and Creativity
Show Details35min 47s
E29 | Spencer Cornelia on Initiating Change
Show Details32min 11s
E28 | Procrastination. Do or Fail. Don't Try.
Show Details39min 21s
E27 | Play to win, not to not lose
Show Details32min 19s
E26 | Fireside Chat with Kevin and Andrew
Show Details26min 50s
E25 | The Mindset of Networking
Show Details19min 44s
E24 | Changing Your Life Isn't Hard
Show Details23min 40s
E23 | Expecting Nothing, Accepting Everything
Show Details41min 18s
E22 | Adversity Before Success with JT McCormick
Show Details37min 40s
E21 | A Personal Growth World with Luke Burrows
Show Details47min 22s
E20 | Female CEO Mindset with Ashley Zumwalt-Forbes
Show Details35min 31s
E19 | Your World Within on the Journey of Life
Show Details50min 18s
E18 | Jesse Kay on the Mindset of Resiliency
Show Details28min 5s
E17 | Why Solitude can be Good
Show Details16min 59s
E16 | Excuses
Show Details18min 29s
E15 | The Odds are Not in Your Favor
Show Details8min 5s
E14 | Listening to the Advice of Others
Show Details19min 5s
E13 | Don Wettrick on How to Set Yourself Up for Success
Show Details32min 36s
E12 | Short Term Sacrifices
Show Details11min 25s
E11 | The Agile CEO with Jeff Harper
Show Details31min 46s
E10 | The Power of Showing Up
Show Details23min 38s
E09 | Is Losing Sleep Good or Bad?
Show Details18min 34s
E08 | The Action First Mindset
Show Details15min 10s
E07 | Good and Bad Motivation
Show Details19min 27s
E06 | Living Life with Purpose
Show Details23min 3s
E05 | Why your Environment is Important to your Success
Show Details19min 55s
E04 | Why Most People Will Stay Average
Show Details9min 50s
E03 | Coronavirus Fears and Finding Opportunity in the Chaos
Show Details18min 23s
E02 | Steve Sims on the Art of Making Things Happen
Show Details32min 54s
E01 | Developing a Successful Mindset
Show Details8min 33s
E00 | Welcome to The Mindset Effect Podcast
Show Details1min 56s