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The Life They Live

This is a podcast about mental wellness hosted by me, Nina Bogaert, a Global Public Health graduate. In my studies I have learned that passion, purpose and positivity are some of the keys to mental well-being. Hence, I believe that: ‘Everybody Needs A Passion’.

I am currently based in the Netherlands, but was born in France and travelled a lot as a child. I grew up in Mexico, the United States and Germany. Those unique experiences have given me a global understanding of people in vast circumstances – and the importance of mental wellness.

Join me as me and my guests learn more about health and wellness by asking ourselves: ‘’how do I utilize my passion?”.

Each episode, the guests share their passion, purpose and positivity that helps them lead ‘’the life they live’’, while inspiring the listener to do the same. 

You can follow the Instagram page of the Podcast: thelifetheylive_podcast


Holistic Hospitality: Building a Home Abroad - Zoé Gotti (Ep.21)
Show Details1hr 8min
Plan a Healthy Retirement at any Age - Nancy Schwartz (ep.20)
Show Details1hr 5min
Finance: Managing Money for Beginners - Urmi Hossain (Ep.19)
Show Details1hr 2min
Urban Exploration: Exploring Ruins - Broken Window Theory (Ep.18)
Show Details1hr 37min
Best Travel Advice From 4th Best Tour Leader - Matty Dyas (Ep.17)
Show Details51min 49s
Keys to Master the Art of Public Speaking - Brenden Kumarasamy (Ep.16)
Show Details55min 43s
Season 2 Introduction - BONUS
Show Details13min 28s
Episode 15 - Valérie Bogaert - Creativity Instructor
Show Details44min 2s
Episode 14 - Monica Griesbaum - Tea grower
Show Details1hr 30min
Episode 13 - Agathe Beulné - Makeup
Show Details39min 31s
Episode 12 - Alexandre Beretta - Mural Art and Roller Blading Painting
Show Details32min 17s
Episode 11 - Halle Homel - Van Life
Show Details47min 28s
Episode 10 - Allison Bollinger - Holistic Health Coach
Show Details29min 7s
Episode 9 (FR) - Karine Roche - Artiste Peintre à Abu Dhabi
Show Details28min 30s
Episode 8 - Yann Lescouarch - Corporate gardens
Show Details31min 55s
Episode 7 - Toleen Ibrik - Growing up Abroad
Show Details52min 37s
Episode 6 - Rosie Faure - Nutritional Psychiatry
Show Details40min 14s
Episode 5 - Ysée Lienart - Theatre
Show Details40min 4s
Episode 4 - Ragnar Chacin - Art Project About Tattoos
Show Details26min 49s
Episode 3 - Alexia Vignal - Civic Service in a Pediatric Hospital
Show Details35min 28s
Episode 2 - Camille Gaumont - Experiencing an Umbanda Ceremony
Show Details38min 34s
Episode 1 - Camille Guellec - Textile and Print Pattern Design
Show Details20min 37s
Trailer - The Life They Live
Show Details48s