• Holistic Hospitality: Building a Home Abroad - Zoé Gotti (Ep.21)

    To Zoé, working in the hotel industry means creating memories and sharing warmth with clients. Growing up abroad, her physical environment consistently changed and she found it difficult to call a place 'home'. Her family was the one constant element bringing her warmth, security and love. That feeling she wants to share with customers who travel the world. In the 21st episode of The Life They Live, Zoé explains what hospitality means to her and the importance it has in our lives. She also addresses topics such as transitioning between childhood to adulthood, finding a university program and living alone at a young age. Zoé gives us a glimpse of her childhood as a kid who grew up in several countries. If you want to know more, you can find her book 'Memories of Our World' on Amazon.

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    Instagram: Zoé Gotti (@zo.eg) • Instagram photos and videos

    Amazon: Amazon.com: Memories of Our World eBook : Gotti, Zoé, Nolan, Declan: Kindle Store

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    1h 7m | Aug 2, 2022
  • Plan a Healthy Retirement at any Age - Nancy Schwartz (ep.20)

    Transformation at any age: It is the message of this episode. Whether you are in your 20s, 40s, 80s, you can live the life you desire. Many of us struggle to find balance between our work life and our personal life. We wait for retirement to achieve your dreams but once we retire we do not know what steps to take. Nancy Schwartz is the Founder and Principal of Envision Healthy Retirement. Her mission is to disrupt the way we think about retirement and help clients transform into a life they envision.

    In the 20th episode of The Life They Live, Nancy explains what she thinks is a healthy retirement and how one can plan their retirement from an early age. Whether you are near retirement or not, you can find value in this episode as Nancy addresses topics such as balance at work, chronic stress and finding happiness.

    You can find Nancy on:

    Website: https://envisionhealthyretirement.com/

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nancy-schwartz-envisionhealthyretirement/

    YouTube: Nancy Schwartz - YouTube

    Email: nancy.schwartz@envisionhealthyretirement.com

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    1h 4m | May 31, 2022
  • Finance: Managing Money for Beginners - Urmi Hossain (Ep.19)

    Invest in Yourself – This is what Urmi Hossain wants to share in this episode. Urmi is Bengali by blood, Italian by birth, and Canadian by law. Even though she has that many nationalities in her, she feels like a Global Citizen. She has graduated from the program of Honours in Finance and has been working in the financial industry for 6 years. A mission of hers is to empower women to be financially independent.

    Whether you are a student who does not know how to manage your finances, a novice in finance who wants to save for retirement or a stressed employee who wants to combine income and wellness; make sure to listen to this episode to get valuable advice from Urmi! In the episode she explains, what are the cultural differences related to finance in different areas of the world and how she wants to empower women worldwide. She also gives tips for beginners (like me) who wish to manage their finances but do not know where to start.

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    Blog - https://www.myways.ca/



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    1h 1m | May 17, 2022
  • Urban Exploration: Exploring Ruins - Broken Window Theory (Ep.18)

    The Last Men on Earth – This is what urban explorers Till and Marco (from Broken Window Theory) feel like when exploring ruins. To them, urbex consists of exploring abandoned places such as hospitals, factories, residential homes and more. In this episode, Till and Marco talk about the dangers of urbex, how urbex changed their vision of the future and how to prepare for an exploration. As YouTubers with more than 300,000 followers, they also give advice on how to make profit out of your passion.

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    You can find Till and Marco on:

    YouTube -> https://www.youtube.com/c/BrokenWindowTheoryUrbex/featured

    Instagram -> https://www.instagram.com/bwturbex/


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    1h 36m | Apr 17, 2022
  • Best Travel Advice From 4th Best Tour Leader - Matty Dyas (Ep.17)

    Matty Dyas, 4th best tour leader, shares his advice and experience on the 17th episode of The Life They Live. Do you want to know how a tour leader recommends you to travel? Would you like to hear what - according to Matty - are the best countries to visit? Do you want to gain knowledge on how traveling can be beneficial to your overall wellbeing? If so, tune in as Matty shares his most valuable advice on this episode!

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    Matty's Instagram: mattydyas

    Where to find the podcast?

    Instagram: thelifetheylive_podcast

    Email: thelifetheylive.podcast@gmail.com

    51m | Mar 27, 2022
  • Keys to Master the Art of Public Speaking - Brenden Kumarasamy (Ep.16)

    Do you want to improve your communication skills? We would all benefit from mastering the art of public speaking. Think of your tasks at work, your relationships, your next holiday in a foreign country, your negotiations, etc.

    Brenden Kumarasamy, the youngest communication coach in the world, shares his knowledge on this 16th episode of The Life They Live. He is the founder of MasterTalk, on which he helps individuals overcome the fear of public speaking.

    If you struggle to find a passion, if you are afraid of speaking in front of a crowd or if you want to gain confidence when speaking a language other than your mother tongue than make sure to listen to this episode as Brenden will share his advice.

    Brenden's Instagram: masteryourtalk

    The podcast's Instagram: thelifetheylive_podcast

    55m | Mar 6, 2022
  • Season 2 Introduction - BONUS

    The Life They Live podcast turned a year old this February! It is time for season 2 to start so I'm sharing with you this bonus episode to give you a little update.

    What's new? You now have the option to watch the podcast episodes on YouTube and not only listen to them! Also, I decided to focus more on health and wellness. As a Global Public Health student I am interested to learn more about the power of passions as I believe they can help us overcome our fears and spread positivity. What do you think?

    If you want to support the podcast, remember to leave a review and follow me on Instagram (thelifetheylive_podcast) :)

    Thank you to Christine O'Donnell and Gaspard Pastural for their help. You can find their services on:

    Bright Sighted Podcasting - https://christine-odonnell.com/bright-sighted-podcasting/

    Agence Grappe - https://www.instagram.com/grappegrowth/

    13m | Feb 25, 2022
  • Episode 15 - Valérie Bogaert - Creativity Instructor

    Valérie is a French creativity instructor. She teaches creativity at university and is the co-owner of Art for Me, an organisation that specializes in team building through art in the workplace. Valérie and Carole Cesareo published their book titled ‘Libérer Sa Créativité’.

    Do you think solving problems is an important skill? Would you like to gain more confidence? Do you want to have innovative ideas? If so, creativity can be a tool to help you achieve these goals. We often associate creativity to art but the reality is that most professions require some form of creativity. Valérie explains that we are all creative! In the episode she explains what are the benefits of being creative, how creativity is linked to wellness and she even gives you exercises you can do to develop your creativity! 

    You can find Valérie on Instagram: @happybogaert

    You can also find Valérie on her website:http://valeriebogaert.fr/

    44m | Nov 7, 2021
  • Episode 14 - Monica Griesbaum - Tea grower

    The 14th episode of The Life They Live is about tea! Monica is a tea grower based in Scotland. She looks after 24 acres of land with a special interest in tea growing with biodiversity in mind. Her tea grows among many native broadleaf trees and wildflowers. From her camellia sinensis plants she makes black tea and aged tea cakes. During the growing season Monica offers tea days and tea tours and she also teaches new growers. In the episode Monica explains what it means to be a tea grower and which challenges you can expect to experience if you become one!

    Do you want to learn more about the health benefits of tea? In the episode Monica also explains that the consumption of tea can help reduce stress and strengthen social relationships. Make sure to listen if you want to know more!

    You can contact Monica via instagram on windyhollowfarm_ or via email on monica@windyhollowfarm.co.uk

    1h 29m | Oct 23, 2021
  • Episode 13 - Agathe Beulné - Makeup

    The 13th episode of The Life They Live podcast is about makeup! Agathe’s passion for makeup is reflected on her Instagram account where she shares her creative looks. In the episode she explains why makeup is therapeutic to her, why she did not attend a makeup school, what the advantages/disadvantages of being a content creator are and much more!

    You can find Agathe on Instagram: @b.helagathe

    You can find the podcast on Instagram: @thelifetheylive_podcast

    Don't hesitate to share your thoughts on Instagram!

    39m | Oct 9, 2021
  • Episode 12 - Alexandre Beretta - Mural Art and Roller Blading Painting

    Alexandre Beretta is a muralist who combined his love for art and sports into a technique he calls 'roller blading painting'. This shows us that creativity can spark from the various interests that we have.

    In the episode Alexandre also talks about the difference between street art and mural art, the legal aspects of street art, the modernization of artworks from the past, etc.

    You can find Alexandre on Instagram: @beretta.alex.art

    You can find the podcast on Instagram: @thelifetheylive_podcast

    32m | Sep 8, 2021
  • Episode 11 - Halle Homel - Van Life

    The 11th episode of The Life They Live is about van life! Do you want to know more about van life? Do you want to visit the United States? Do you want to know how to finance a long trip? Then this episode is for you!

    In the episode Halle talks about the advantages and the disadvantages of living in a van. She also explains what her organization is as a full time traveller with a dog. It is also very interesting to hear how traveling in a van can make you grow and reflect on yourself. 

    47m | Jul 25, 2021
  • Episode 10 - Allison Bollinger - Holistic Health Coach

    The 10th episode of The Life They Live podcast is about holistic health. Allison, a holistic health coach, shares valuable advice on how we can all live healthy lives without obsessing over our health. In the episode, she explains why restrictive behaviours can be problematic. She also talks about her experience with the eating disorder, orthorexia.

    Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments!

    Allison’s Instagram page: your_spoonful

    The podcast’s Instagram page: thelifetheylive_podcast

    29m | Jun 7, 2021
  • Episode 9 (FR) - Karine Roche - Artiste Peintre à Abu Dhabi

    Pour le premier épisode en français du podcast The Life They Live, l’artiste peintre Karine Roche partage sa passion pour l’art et les voyages. Vivant à Abu Dhabi et ayant étudié le design d’espace, Karine Roche porte un intérêt particulier aux environnements qui l’entoure. 

    28m | May 22, 2021
  • Episode 8 - Yann Lescouarch - Corporate gardens

    The 8th episode of The Life They Live is about urban agriculture. More specifically, corporate gardens. A corporate garden is often a green area in a company where employees can grow vegetables or fruits. This is a great environmental initiative but it also has health benefits. Corporate gardens create well-being at work and help reinforce social bonds. 

    Yann Lescouarch is the founder of Cultures d'Entreprise and also works as a grower for the start-up Noocity. In the episode he shares information about corporate gardens and explains how he quit his job to develop Cultures d'Entreprise six years ago.

    31m | Apr 18, 2021
  • Episode 7 - Toleen Ibrik - Growing up Abroad

    This episode I am joined with Toleen to talk about her experience of growing up abroad. Toleen was born in Syria, lived in Qatar and is now in Germany. In the episode, Toleen talks about the challenges of growing up abroad as well as the advantages. We talk about school systems, learning a language, adapting to a culture and more! Toleen also explains how the countries where she lived influenced her interest for civil engineering. You can follow the Instagram page thelifetheylive_podcast for more information!

    52m | Apr 6, 2021
  • Episode 6 - Rosie Faure - Nutritional Psychiatry

    In this episode Rosie shares information on the topic of her bachelor thesis: nutritional psychiatry. She researches how nutrition can help alleviate depressive symptoms.

    40m | Mar 22, 2021
  • Episode 5 - Ysée Lienart - Theatre

    Ysée is passionate about theatre. She studies theatre and is currently working on her own project which is about dreams and utopia. In this episode she also explains why she loves this art and what her vision of theatre is. 

    40m | Mar 5, 2021
  • Episode 4 - Ragnar Chacin - Art Project About Tattoos

    Ragnar is an artist and a storyteller. Ragnar is currently working on a project about tattoos. Through photography and videos, Ragnar wants to create empathy and tell the stories of tattooed individuals.

    26m | Feb 27, 2021
  • Episode 3 - Alexia Vignal - Civic Service in a Pediatric Hospital

    Alexia is a public health student who is also doing her civic service in a pediatric hospital in France. Her goal is to take care of the parents of hospitalized kids. As they go through challenging times, the hospital offers services such as massages or yoga sessions. In the episode Alexia will also talk about what it is like to work during the pandemic, what it means to be a public health student and much more!

    Instagram account of the podcast: thelifetheylive_podcast

    35m | Feb 10, 2021
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