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The Kitchen Table

Calling all real estate junkies! Are you looking to improve your life through building wealth in Real Estate? Join Alex Blenkarn as he discusses the Real Estate Market in Peterborough ON, his journey through personal development and the ways to build wealth through real estate. You'll never wonder what your next move should be.


How to Buy a Home in Peterborough Ontario in 2022 (9 STEP PROGRAM)
Show Details8min 59s
Peterborough Real Estate - August 2022 Market Update
Show Details13min 39s
First Time Home Buyer Incentives
Show Details20min 13s
Tips for Effective Communication
Show Details7min 9s
July Market Update
Show Details14min 52s
Time Management
Show Details9min 7s
Show Details16min 54s
Show Details11min 1s
Show Details12min 11s
June Market Update
Show Details16min 38s