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The Gentlewoman Boss Podcast

A podcast show celebrating the elegance, fashion, style, manners and etiquette of yesteryear, and what we can glean from it in a modern world. We'll talk vintage books and films, from Jane Austen to James Bond, and everything in-between...and why adding a dash of sartorial elegance in all aspects of life matters. Proper Dress Required.

About The Host:

Michelle Horlbogen has a passion for vintage fashion, films, books, décor, lifestyle and etiquette. She is the proprietress of The Red Velvet Shoe Vintage Clothing, an online boutique launched in 2007, author of the blog "Tales From A Vintage Wardrobe" and founder of The Gentlewoman Boss.

This podcast has received numerous accolades, including being ranked in the top 10% globally by Listen Notes, Top 20 Best Month Reporting Podcasts of 2021 by Welp Magazine, #36/200 in Top Entrepreneurship Podcasts by Podchaser.

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S2 - Episode 001 - A Bond Girl's Review of Dr. No on the Big Screen in the U.S.
Show Details34min 26s
SEASON TWO - Trailer - "Proper Dress Required"
Show Details44s
TGB - Ep. 27 - "The Reality Behind Smoke & Mirrors" with Michelle
Show Details48min 26s
TGB - Ep. 26 "It's About Staying Ahead of, not Just Keeping Up with, Tech" with Joe Mullings, CEO
Show Details49min 29s
TGB - Ep. 25 "Bring Back The Trades" with Steve Turner via LinkedIn Livestream
Show Details47min 25s
TGB - Ep. 24 - "Overcome Your Villains" with Author, Heather Monahan
Show Details26min 7s
TGB - Ep. 23 - The Art of Creating A Digital Footprint and Why You Need To Do It Now with Marketing Expert Melanie Borden
Show Details47min 13s
TGB - Ep. 22 - "From Tragedy to Triumph" with Jennifer Cline aka Miss DeWalt
Show Details54min 36s
TGB - Ep. 21 - "Breaking in the News - Build Buzz for Your Brand" Author Alison Maloni
Show Details31min 47s
TGB - Ep. 20 - Special Guest Rosanna M. Ortiz, CEO & Founder of Styleweek Northeast & RMO PR
Show Details32min 38s
TGB - Ep. 19 "The Transition - Embrace Change!" with Michelle
Show Details21min 40s
TGB - Ep. 18 - Managing Workplace Bullying & Accountability as Leaders in Organizations S1/4
Show Details52min 8s
TGB - Ep. 17 - The Real Intent & Role of Human Resources in Corporate America S1/3
Show Details51min 21s
TGB - Ep. 16 "Know Your Employee Rights & Your Employer's Legal Obligations" S1 /2
Show Details30min 55s
TGB - Ep. 15 - NEW SERIES! "Superman Isn't Coming, Save Yourself" S1/1
Show Details25min 25s
TGB - Ep. 14 - A Real Life Experience of Workplace Bullying, Abuse & Retaliation
Show Details28min 55s
TGB - Ep. 13 Where We Have Influence, We Have Impact with Marion Weiler of Weiler International
Show Details1hr 20min
TGB - Ep. 12 - "Fighting Back Against Workplace Sexual Harassment & Retaliation" Interview with Lisa Bowman, Former Global CMO of United Way Worldwide - Part 2
Show Details35min 55s
TGB - Ep. 11 - "Fighting Back Against Workplace Sexual Harassment & Retaliation" Interview with Lisa Bowman, Former Global CMO of United Way Worldwide (Part 1)
Show Details33min 52s
TGB - Ep. 10 "Successful Leaders Aren't Bullies" with Author Matt Paknis
Show Details55min 43s
TGB - Ep. 9 "All Voices Will Be Heard" with Workplace Bullying Expert Linda Crockett (Part 2)
Show Details48min 16s
TGB - Ep. 8 - Recovery From Workplace Bullying with Janice Gilligan White of The Empowered Employee
Show Details33min 22s
TGB - Ep. 7 "All Voices Will Be Heard" with Workplace Bullying Expert Linda Crockett (Part 1)
Show Details52min 23s
TGB - Ep. 6 - Conflict Resolution and Emergency Management During Covid-19 with Dr. Bina Patel
Show Details58min 59s
TGB - Ep. 5 - Raising Awareness on Workplace Bullying & Accountability with Heidi Lynne Kurter
Show Details51min 47s
TGB - Ep. 4 - Leading Professionally & Personally During Times of Crisis with Trey Griggs.
Show Details55min 19s
TGB - Ep. 3 - Michelle Horlbogen is the Guest on Radio Entrepreneurs
Show Details13min 49s
TGB - Ep. 2 - "The Arsonist in the Office" with Author Pete Havel
Show Details36min 15s
TGB - Ep. 1 - Up Close & Personal With The Gentlewoman Boss - Michelle Horlbogen
Show Details9min 18s
TGB TRAILER - Welcome to The Gentlewoman Boss Podcast!
Show Details1min 8s