Equality Legislation – gender pay gap reporting: how could a change in the law help?

Season 5 | Episode 4
18m | Jul 18, 2022

Reporting on pay gaps between men and women in organisations or sectors to identify the problem is the first step to eradicating the gender pay gap. In this episode, Maggie Taggart talks to Alex Shepherd of the Fawcett Society in London and Kathryn McNickle of the Equality Commission about what Northern Ireland can learn from the experiences of Great Britain with mandatory gender pay gap reporting and how we could make our legislation amongst the best in the world.

The Equality Commission is recommending a Single Equality Act for Northern Ireland and, in the meantime, some fixes for specific pieces of legislation. This series of podcasts looks in more detail at some of those areas and what can be done to improve protection against discrimination in Northern Ireland.

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The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland podcast