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The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland podcast

Welcome to the podcast feed for the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.


Addressing Bullying – prejudice-based bullying of equality groups
Show Details9min 38s
Addressing Bullying – The Addressing Bullying in Schools Act
Show Details19min 23s
Addressing Bullying – The NI Anti-Bullying Forum
Show Details21min 22s
Equality Legislation – could a Single Equality Act replace the patchwork of legislation?
Show Details16min 41s
Equality Legislation – gender pay gap reporting: how could a change in the law help?
Show Details18min 46s
Equality Legislation – racial harassment at work by third parties: how could a change in the law help?
Show Details21min 31s
Equality Legislation – disability discrimination in education: how does the law need to change?
Show Details15min 49s
Equality Legislation – age discrimination law: what needs to change?
Show Details15min 5s
Education Inequalities – Malone Integrated College
Show Details18min 49s
Education Inequalities – Betty Carlisle and Joan Mercer
Show Details16min 20s
Education Inequalities – Ann Pendleton and Sharon Nelson
Show Details16min 43s
Education Inequalities – Jackie Redpath
Show Details18min 16s
Education Inequalities – Michele Janes
Show Details17min 56s
Education Inequalities – Rachel Hogan
Show Details15min 47s
Education Inequalities – Dale Heaney and Noel Purdy
Show Details19min 17s
Education Inequalities – Chris Donnelly and Mary Montgomery
Show Details25min 32s
Education Inequalities – Susan Morgan and Andy Hamilton
Show Details14min 23s
Talking About Equality Rights
Show Details29min 56s
Making It Work – Michael Holden MBE
Show Details15min 29s
Women in STEM – Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell (astrophysicist)
Show Details14min 19s
Women in STEM – Susan McCambridge (marine biology)
Show Details9min 42s
Women in STEM – Alison McCoubrey (surgeon)
Show Details18min 24s
Women in STEM – Louise & Maisy (IT at PWC)
Show Details11min 34s
Women in STEM – Lynda Kennedy (statistician)
Show Details12min 55s
Women in STEM – Sarah Jane Kelly (forensic science)
Show Details9min 2s
Women in STEM - Mairead Meyer from Openreach
Show Details14min 35s
Women in STEM - introduction
Show Details1min