5/4/23: Republicans accuse Biden of bribery, Putin says US droned Kremlin

1h 3m | May 4, 2023

-- On the Show:

-- Russia claims that the United States is behind the failed drone "attack" on the Kremlin, and says it will retaliate

-- Republicans wildly accuse President Joe Biden of bribery, even calling for his impeachment, but present absolutely no evidence

-- Florida Republicans have passed a disgusting, and arguably unenforceable, "pronoun" bill

-- Will they target LGBT teachers next?

-- Caller talks about how people are more aligned on politics than they think

-- Caller wants to see primary debates in the 2024 election cycle

-- Donald Trump is confronted by Nigel Farage during an interview, who says Trump should stop talking about the 2020 election being "rigged" if he wants to win in 2024

-- A judge throws out Donald Trump's lawsuit against the New York Times, ordering him to pay legal fees

-- A reporter in Ireland asks Trump why he is there rather than at his rape trial in New York

-- Voicemail caller is upset that David is "rude" to Donald Trump during coverage of his rallies

-- On the Bonus Show: SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas has yet another entanglement with billionaire Harlan Crow, Republicans furious about Biden sending troops to the border, Utah law requiring age verification on adult sites takes effect, much more...

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