4/2/24: Project 2025 goes nuclear, Biden fundraising goes nuclear

1h 3m | Apr 2, 2024

-- On the Show:

-- Adrienne Shropshire, Executive Director of BlackPAC, a left-leaning political action committee focused on mobilizing and engaging with African American voters, joins David to discuss the false narrative that there is a massive racial realignment happening such that non-white voters are flocking to Donald Trump in 2024

-- A deeper dive at the authoritarian nightmare that is Project 2025

-- Donald Trump is scamming his followers with faux economic populist rhetoric once again, and they are falling for it once again

-- President Joe Biden defends and supports the trans community on Trans Day of Visibility, while Donald Trump calls its overlap with Easter "blasphemous"

-- President Joe Biden raises more money in one night, $25 million, than Donald Trump raised in all of February

-- Confronting the harsh reality that the real problem is not Donald Trump, but rather the tens of millions of voters willing to vote for him

-- Former Donald Trump voters explain the one major reason they abandoned him in 2024, the threat that he represents to democracy

-- Voicemail caller threatens to cancel his Membership over Producer Pat's mixing up of "tragedy" and "travesty" on the award-winning, world-famous Bonus Show

-- On the Bonus Show: Another Republican guilty of voter fraud, Google forced to delete Incognito mode data, New York inmates sue to see solar eclipse, and much more...

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