5/15/23: Republican informant "missing" as border crossings down 50%

1h 4m | May 15, 2023

-- On the Show:

-- Republicans are in shambles as the predicted "disaster" at the border hasn't happened after Titles 42 restrictions expired

-- The supposed bombshell Republican "informant" about the alleged "crimes" of Joe Biden has now gone "missing"

-- A House Republican report finds no evidence of wrongdoing by President Joe Biden

-- Could James Buchanan, not Donald Trump, be the worst President in American history?

-- Despite Donald Trump's rally in Iowa being cancelled, the dangerous and deranged Trump cult showed up at full strength

-- Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis appears to be trying to fix his personality, but so far is failing

-- MyPillow CEO and Founder Mike Lindell has now blown $40 million pursuing his election lies

-- Failed former President Donald Trump explodes in a deranged Mother's Day rant on Truth Social, attacking CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins, Ron DeSantis, and many others

-- White supremacists march on Washington DC while wearings masks

-- Voicemail caller says that we need to stop calling internet searches "research" since they certainly are not research

-- On the Bonus Show: George Santos agrees to settle lawsuit in Brazil, NC Governor vetoes 12-week abortion ban, SCOTUS outlawed split juries yet hundreds remain in prison, much more...

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