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Here at CuisHub we will discuss news in the food industry, discuss what recipes might be the best for the current season or turn heads at your next event.


Is McDonald's getting CANCELLED!?!?!?!?! | Ep 11
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These servers should be ASHAMED for what they did!!!! | Ep 10
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Amanda's microphone was cut OFF the whole time!!! | Ep 9
Show Details32min 21s
We venture on to the MOIST cooking methods | Ep 8
Show Details53min 4s
We are DONE with the dry methods!!!!! | Ep 7
Show Details43min 37s
I made a STEAK in this one!!! | Ep 6
Show Details58min 28s
Pan frying, Paleo vs Keto, and UM...| Ep 5
Show Details47min 56s
Taco Bell is BRINGING back potatoes!!! | Ep 4
Show Details40min 20s
We scratch the surface in the world of baking | Ep 3
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This simple tip can help you drop a few pounds | Ep 2
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Welcome to The CuisHub Podcast | Ep 1
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