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The CEO Wingwoman

Let Christy be your Wingwoman as you focus on growing your business!

Covering topics for young entrepreneurs scaling successful businesses such as how to hire employees, the best ways to use tax strategy, what makes a good CEO, how to calculate your profit margins and what that means, how to sell your business and soooo much more!

I’m here to be your Wingwoman to provide you the support, guidance, and resources to help you become more confident in your skills and well, make YOU look good.

I’ve teamed up with experts who can give you technical advice and knowledge of important business considerations as well as successful entrepreneurs who have literally been there to remind you that what you probably feel is normal (and how THEY made it to the other side)

I hope you tune in as we build a community for young, visionary entrepreneurs to learn what it takes to be a successful CEO, build a profitable business, accumulate wealth…and not lose your mind in the process.

It’s like having a personal board of directors for your life!


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Welcome to the CEO Wingwoman!
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