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249 | Unlocking Sisterhood (Part Four): The Ultimate Girlfriend Gag
Show Details54min 2s
248 | Unlocking Sisterhood (Part Three): Friendship Green & Red Flags
Show Details1hr 8min
247 | Unlocking Sisterhood (Part Two): Friendship Make-ups
Show Details1hr 3min
246 | Unlocking Sisterhood (Part One): Cultivating Deeper Bonds with The Friendship Expert
Show Details1hr 3min
245| Are You Good, Sis? (Part Five): Healing Through Transparency with Yasmine Jameelah
Show Details32min 20s
244 | Are You Good, Sis? (Part Four): Conducting a Life Audit
Show Details1hr 7min
243 | Are You Good, Sis? (Part Three): Managing Stress
Show Details50min 33s
242 | Are You Good, Sis? (Part Two): Unpacking Motherwounds with Shena of Black Girls Heal
Show Details1hr 23min
241 | Are You Good, Sis? (Part One): Re-enforcing Boundaries with Yasmine Cheyenne
Show Details1hr 1min
240 | Reclaim the Brain (Part Four) - Reframing Comparison
Show Details57min 59s
239 | Reclaim the Brain (Part Three) - Unf*ck Your Mind
Show Details1hr 20min
Bravado Bonus | Let's Talk About Submitting
Show Details6min 33s
238 | Reclaim the Brain (Part Two) - Disconnected AF: Exploring Dissociation
Show Details53min 39s
237 | Reclaim the Brain (Part One) - Fixing our Focus
Show Details56min 18s
236 | Girl Talk: Hormonal Health with Dr. Brandi Moore
Show Details1hr 24min
235 | Spilling the Tea: Don't Mess with My Man!
Show Details44min 36s
234 | Holistically You: Healing Through Ayurveda with Navi Gill
Show Details1hr 11min
233 | Between the Sheets: Discovering Your Sexual Love Language with Rashida Ahmed
Show Details1hr 11min
232 | The Door to Opportunities: Exploring Passionate Curiosity
Show Details49min 47s
231 | Stop Playin' Yaself: How to Avoid Self-Gaslighting
Show Details44min 29s
230 | Taking Ownership: Radical Accountability and Responsibility
Show Details58min 11s
Bravado Bonus | February Affirmations
Show Details15min 46s
229 | Leveling Up: How to Network Intentionally
Show Details52min 41s
228 | The Pursuit of Happiness: Understanding Hedonic Adaptation
Show Details49min 15s
227 | Embracing No: Unpacking Rejection Sensitivity
Show Details52min 44s
226 | Pursuing Excellence over Perfection
Show Details43min 50s
225 | Getting Unstuck: Implementing the Lighthouse Method
Show Details48min 11s
224 | Assessing Romantic Idealization
Show Details49min 25s
Bravado Bonus | Love Bombed
Show Details5min 28s
223 | Wrapping Up 2021.
Show Details53min 3s
222 | Am I Wrong for Keeping the Baby?!
Show Details57min 49s
221 | Is Now A Good Time?: Exploring Trauma Dumping
Show Details40min 18s
220 | My Man's Mom Hates Me!
Show Details42min 35s
219 | Read Me, Sis! (Part Four): Acceptance. Esteem. Love.
Show Details42min 46s
218 | Read Me, Sis! (Part Three): Intentional Detachment
Show Details49min 39s
217 | Read Me, Sis! (Part Two): The Martyr Complex
Show Details39min 42s
216 | Read Me, Sis! (Part One): I'll Feel Better When...
Show Details43min 14s
215 | Draft Season (Part Five): Divine Women: Cultivating Feminine Energy
Show Details53min 53s
214 | Draft Season (Part Four): So you're dating... Now what?
Show Details1hr
213 | Draft Season (Part Three): Exploring Dating Patterns with Francesca Hogi of Dear Franny
Show Details1hr 16min
212 | Draft Season (Part Two): Manifesting the Perfect Love with Alea Lovely of Spiritual Shit Podcast
Show Details1hr 17min
211 | Draft Season (Part One): Bad & Boozy Dating Stories
Show Details1hr 16min
Bestie Chat
Show Details8min 48s
210 | Friendship Goals: Reloaded (Part Six): The Pains of Friendship
Show Details1hr 21min
209 | Friendship Goals: Reloaded (Part Five): New Friends in Adulthood with Les of Balanced Black Girl
Show Details1hr 21min
208 | Friendship Goals: Reloaded (Part Four): 6 Functions of Friendship
Show Details44min 52s
207 | Friendship Goals: Reloaded (Part Three): Phases of Friendship
Show Details58min 24s
206 | Friendship Goals: Reloaded (Part Two): Friendship PTSD
Show Details48min 40s
205 | Friendship Goals: Reloaded (Part One): Friendship Communication Styles
Show Details1hr 5min
Bravado Bonus | Thriving Over Surviving: Getting Over FOMO
Show Details5min 2s
204 | Thriving over Surviving (Part Six): Miss Moving On
Show Details1hr 6min
203 | Thriving over Surviving (Part Five): Tired of Choosing
Show Details1hr 7min
202 | Thriving over Surviving (Part Four): Overcoming Inadequacy
Show Details59min 14s
201 | Thriving over Surviving (Part Three): Trusting Yourself
Show Details1hr 8min
200 | Thriving over Surviving (Part Two): Mother and Father Wounds with Dr. Joy
Show Details1hr 15min
199 | Thriving over Surviving (Part One): Living Intentionally
Show Details32min 58s
198 | Bravado Bonus (UNLOCKED): Post-Traumatic Growth
Show Details51min 56s
197 | Hot Girl Summer (Part Five): Flirting 101
Show Details1hr 16min
196 | Hot Girl Summer (Part Four): Sexual Essentials with Samia
Show Details1hr 25min
195 | Hot Girl Summer (Part Three): Personal Style
Show Details55min 31s
194 | Hot Girl Summer (Part Two): Body-ody-ody Positivity
Show Details43min 53s
Bravado Bonus | Post-Traumatic Growth
Show Details6min 8s
193 | Hot Girl Summer (Part One): Dating after Distancing with Damona Hoffman
Show Details1hr 3min
New Studio Feels, Vulnerability + Fears of Abandonment
Show Details8min 40s
192 | The Truth about Influencing with Bri Hall
Show Details1hr 46min
191 | Moms Making it Happen (Part Three): Motherhood Uncensored with Good Moms, Bad Choices
Show Details1hr 15min
190 | Moms Making it Happen (Part Two): Blunt Blowin' Mamas with Shonitria Anthony
Show Details1hr 12min
189 | Moms Making it Happen (Part One): She really had a baby! with Jessica Rose
Show Details1hr 1min
188 | Heal Thy Self (Part Six): Inner Child Work with Beatrice Kamau
Show Details1hr 1min
187 | Heal Thy Self (Part Five): Healing Intergenerational Trauma with Miyume McKinley
Show Details1hr 8min
186 | Heal Thy Self (Part Four): Heal Your Damn Self! with Tanai Holder
Show Details1hr 4min
185 | Heal Thy Self (Part Three): Exploring Intimacy Disorders with Black Girls Heal
Show Details1hr 13min
184 | Heal Thy Self (Part Two): The Power of Joy
Show Details55min 49s
183 | Heal Thy Self (Part One): Trauma Bonding Relationships
Show Details56min 54s
Bravado Bonus | A Conversation: Relationships ft. Germani's Boyfriend (Andres)
Show Details4min 58s
182 | I Cheated & He Found Out
Show Details55min 6s
181 | Relationship Goals (Part Seven): Dating with Intention
Show Details1hr 4min
180 | Relationship Goals (Part Six): Enjoy the Cheat-Codes with Jared Brady
Show Details1hr 18min
179 | Relationship Goals (Part Five): Our Journey to Self-Love
Show Details1hr 7min
178 | Relationship Goals (Part Four): Discovering Your Human Design Aura Type + Relationship Compatibility with Aycee Brown
Show Details1hr 1min
177 | Relationship Goals (Part Three): Exploring Sex + Your Attachment Style
Show Details47min 12s
176 | Relationship Goals (Part Two): Revisiting Attachment Styles
Show Details51min 50s
175 | Relationship Goals (Part One): Codependent No More
Show Details43min 30s
174 | Mama's Gotta Have a Life Too: Motherhood + Entrepreneurship with Christina Hammonds Wilds
Show Details43min 4s
173 | Wellness In Color (Part Four): Gut Health + Mental Wellness with Arielle Simone
Show Details1hr 20min
172 | Wellness In Color (Part Three): The Business of Yoga with Angie Franklin
Show Details1hr 16min
171 | Wrapping Up 2020
Show Details54min 46s
170 | Wellness In Color (Part Two): Climbing Together with Evelyn Escobar
Show Details1hr 11min
169 | Wellness In Color (Part One): Healing Through Sound with Thalia Randolph
Show Details1hr 36min
168 | Going Out SAD: Seasonal Depression
Show Details54min 12s
167 | I Got My Soul Sucked
Show Details53min 10s
166 | Holiday SZN: Coping with Loss
Show Details1hr 6min
165 | Finish Strong (Part Four): Navigating the Liminal Space
Show Details48min 4s
164 | Finish Strong (Part Three): Radical Accountability
Show Details50min 34s
Honoring Ourselves During Election Season
Show Details6min 22s
163 | Finish Strong (Part Two): Radical Honesty
Show Details1hr 1min
October Affirmations
Show Details15min 34s
162 | Finish Strong (Part One): Cultivating Creativity
Show Details59min 50s
161 | Friend Goals (Part Six): Why Our Friendship Works
Show Details1hr 24min
We Took a Trip
Show Details5min 41s
160 | Friend Goals (Part Five): Building New Relationships
Show Details59min 6s
159 | Friend Goals (Part Four): Is it Time To Move On?
Show Details50min 12s
158 | Friend Goals (Part Three): The Essentials of Being a Better Friend
Show Details59min 56s
157 | Friend Goals (Part Two): Friendship Growth Spurts
Show Details1hr 24min
156 | Friend Goals (Part One): The Fundamentals of Friendship
Show Details1hr 11min
155 | You vs. You (Part Six): Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
Show Details55min 42s
154 | You vs. You (Part Five): The 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem
Show Details57min 56s
153 | You vs. You (Part Four): Achieving Self-Actualization
Show Details1hr 14min
152 | You vs. You (Part Three): Unpacking Self-Trust
Show Details54min 8s
151 | You vs. You (Part Two): Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset
Show Details1hr 3min
150 | You vs. You (Part One): Navigating A Quarter Life Crisis
Show Details1hr 7min
149 | Pregnant Roommates + College Funds
Show Details50min 14s
148 | All Vibes Welcome: Discussing Spiritual Gaslighting
Show Details58min 53s
147 | Life After Lockdown: Post-Isolation Syndrome
Show Details1hr 1min
146 | Shattering The Stigma: Therapy In Color with Dr. Jessica Clemons (REWIND)
Show Details1hr 31min
145 | What's Going On?: Coping with Racial Trauma with Alex Dorsey, LPCC
Show Details57min 32s
144 | QTNA: Am I The A**hole?
Show Details44min 38s
Scarcity v. Abundance
Show Details6min 3s
143 | Relationships in Review: Exploring Venus Retrograde
Show Details43min 4s
142 | Struggling Sisterhood: Insecure Recap
Show Details1hr 3min
141 | Better Together: Shifting Culture with Our Own
Show Details1hr 2min
140 | Horrified or Flattered?: The Ultimate Catfish
Show Details48min 54s
139 | Manifesting Moods: Receiving During A Pandemic
Show Details51min 46s
Quarantine Realness
Show Details3min 13s
Bonus: Dating During Distancing
Show Details3min 9s
138 | Love Is...Healing: Imago Relationship Theory (Part Eight)
Show Details1hr 2min
137 | Love Is...Love: Interabled Relationships with Push2Love (Part Seven)
Show Details1hr 6min
136 | Love Is...Being Seen, Felt + Heard: Breaking Down Intimacy x Sex with Sexologist Shamyra (Part Six)
Show Details1hr 18min
135 | Love Is...: Patient - Discerning New Relationship Energy (Part Five)
Show Details47min 38s
134 | Love Is...(Part Four): Finding Your Person - Understanding Relationship Archetypes
Show Details1hr 5min
133 | Love Is...(Part Three): Financial Freedom - Money Moves with Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche
Show Details1hr 25min
132 | Love is...(Part Two): Recognizing Signs - Relationship Green Flags & Communication Styles
Show Details1hr 7min
131 | Love Is...(Part One): Understanding Your Attraction Style
Show Details45min 2s
130 | Make It Happen, Sis! - Part 4: The Art of Self-Promotion
Show Details32min 42s
129 | Make It Happen, Sis! - Part 3: The Importance of Punctuality
Show Details58min 40s
Getting Uncomfortable
Show Details5min 4s
128 | Make It Happen, Sis! - Part Two: Creating Lasting Change
Show Details48min 46s
127 | Make It Happen, Sis! - Part One: Increasing Productivity
Show Details1hr 4min
126 | Getting Clear for the New Year, Part Four: Wrapping Up 2019
Show Details1hr 19min
125 | Getting Clear for the New Year, Part Three: What Our Ego Teaches Us
Show Details1hr 10min
Bonus: Flowing vs. Forcing
Show Details3min 8s
124 | Getting Clear for the New Year, Part Two: Mastering Manifestation
Show Details1hr 10min
123 | Getting Clear for the New Year, Part One : Core Desired Feelings
Show Details1hr 5min
122 | Friend or Foe: When to Let the Friendship Go
Show Details41min 26s
121 | Good Moms Bad Choices: Motherhood Uncensored
Show Details1hr 9min
120 | Girlfriend Gag: Relational Universal Shift
Show Details55min 28s
119 | Unbothered: The Art of Non-Reactivity
Show Details1hr 1min
116 | Do It For The Gram: Unwrapping Social Media Induced Anxiety
Show Details1hr 12min
118 | You Deserve Better: Avoiding Struggle Love
Show Details1hr 16min
Embracing Singleness
Show Details6min 56s
117 | Are You A Pessimistic Patty?: Overcoming Learned Helplessness
Show Details1hr 13min
115 | Do Nice Guys Finish Last?: Candid Conversations with The Mean Podcast
Show Details1hr 38min
114 | In Session: Unpacking Unhealthy Relationships with Nedra Tawwab
Show Details1hr 28min
113 | My Way or the Highway: Exploring Controlling Behavior
Show Details1hr 15min
The Sweetest Treat
Show Details4min 2s
112 | Anxious For What?: Anticipatory Anxiety
Show Details1hr 6min
111 | Love is Blind: Toxic Monogamy Culture
Show Details56min 13s
110 | Gassed Up Shawty: Are You Being Gaslit?
Show Details55min 14s
109 | Closed for Business: (un)Dealing with Emotionally Unavailable People
Show Details1hr 3min
108 | Girlfriend Gag: Daddy's Baby
Show Details59min 10s
107 | The Bounce Back: How to Handle Rejection
Show Details1hr 16min
Bonus Episode | Mid-Month Check-In
Show Details5min 20s
106 | Authentic Alignment: Human Design and You
Show Details1hr 7min
105 | Seduction, Dating x Intimacy: The Game of Desire with Shan Boody
Show Details1hr 15min
104 | EntrepreneuHERship with Shontay Lundy of Black Girl Sunscreen
Show Details56min 2s
103 | Walk It Like I Talk It: Understanding Cognitive Dissonance
Show Details1hr 5min
102 | What Men Want: Mental Wellness, Community x Support with 88thx11mile
Show Details1hr 42min
101 | Clearing & Allowing: The Art of Letting Go x Moving On
Show Details1hr 2min
June Affirmations
Show Details8min 18s
100 | Keep That Same Energy: An Energy Healing Experience
Show Details1hr 31min
99 | Dedication, Hardwork + Patience: Mastering Discipline
Show Details1hr 9min
98 | Liberating Yourself: The Freedom of Choice
Show Details55min 29s
97 | She > We: How to Avoid Losing Yourself in a Relationship
Show Details1hr 12min
96 | Wabi-Sabi: The Beauty in Imperfection
Show Details42min 23s
95 | It's Not About You: How to Stop Taking Things Personally
Show Details57min 30s
94 | The Marathon Continues: Preventing Burnout x Pacing Your Race
Show Details1hr 1min
Bonus (Live Event) | Keep That Same Energy: An Energy Healing Experience
Show Details7min 7s
93 | True Life: I'm Envious of My Friends
Show Details1hr 4min
92 | Only the Good Things: Overcoming Negativity Bias
Show Details52min 19s
91 | Show up x Show out: How To Stop Playing Small
Show Details51min
90 | Nice For What: Compromise vs. Settling
Show Details49min 38s
89 | Thank You, Next: How Important is Closure?
Show Details50min 43s
88 | Tune Your Ear: The Art of Active Listening
Show Details1hr 1min
87 | Color Struck: Colorism in the Black Community
Show Details52min
86 | Shattering The Stigma: Therapy In Color with Dr. Jessica Clemons
Show Details1hr 6min
85 | All In The Family: Intergenerational Trauma
Show Details54min 55s
84 | Holistic Mama: Doula Talk x Motherhood with Olivyah of Her Holistic Path
Show Details1hr 10min
83 | Hey, Cupid: Single on Valentine's Day?
Show Details45min 53s
82 | Own It: The Power of Accountability.
Show Details1hr
81 | Erasing The Stigma: Living with HIV.
Show Details1hr 26min
80 | Reason For The Season: Understanding Your Alignment.
Show Details57min 22s
79 | Good Vibe Tribe: Self-Mastery & Soul Talks with Shelah Marie
Show Details1hr 14min
78 | Be, Do, Have: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life.
Show Details44min 32s
77 | Wrapping Up 2018.
Show Details1hr 10min
76 | Secure The Bag: Financial Independence with Jamila Souffrant
Show Details1hr 13min
75 | Love Locked Down: Understanding Your Attachment Style.
Show Details1hr
74 | Winter Blues: Dealing With Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Show Details46min 36s
73 | It's Not You, It's Me: The Psychology of Cheating.
Show Details50min 40s
72 | Are We In This Together?: Understanding And Dealing With Commitment Issues
Show Details1hr 12min
71 | Who Are You Without Them?: Overcoming Codependency.
Show Details57min 58s
70 | The Defining Decade: Mastering Your 20s x Owning Your 30s.
Show Details1hr 4min
69 | Alone But Not Lonely: Embracing Solitude.
Show Details50min 16s
68| Cue The Violin: How To Stop Playing The Victim.
Show Details48min 37s
67 | Where Did He Go?: How To Get Over Being Ghosted.
Show Details1hr 2min
66 | Mindful Eating: Healing Through Nutrition with Chef Wilizé Maleombho
Show Details1hr 41min
65 | Reclaiming Your Time: Soft Power x Dating x Seduction with Ayesha K. Faines
Show Details1hr 20min
64 | Unapologetically Black: Embracing Your Blackness In A White World.
Show Details1hr 6min
63 | From Break-up to Breakthrough: How To Get Over Your Ex.
Show Details39min 38s
62 | Boundaries x You: Reinforcing Self-Worth.
Show Details50min 44s
61 | True Life: Why Don't My Friends Support Me?
Show Details38min 8s
60 | Cue, Lil' Boosie- INDEPENDENT: Girlfriend, Can You Have It All?
Show Details49min 14s
59 | Mindful Fee: Motherhood, Mental Health x Make-Up with Felicia La Tour.
Show Details1hr 25min
58 | Let's Talk About Sex, Baby: Discovering Your Female Archetype.
Show Details58min 24s
57 | Glow Up: Appreciating Your Journey.
Show Details44min 1s
56 | Baes Supporting Baes: Community x Collaboration.
Show Details50min 48s
55 | Free Yourself: Forgiveness.
Show Details43min 46s
54 | Know Your Worth Then Add Tax: Self- Esteem x Self-Worth.
Show Details52min 53s
53 | I Feel For You: Am I An Empath?
Show Details50min 3s
Bonus- Sun's Out, Buns Out: Black Girl Sunscreen.
Show Details19min 22s
52 | Get Lifted: Cannabis with Earth Mama Medicine.
Show Details1hr 2min
51 | A Spin On Fitness: Diversity x Inclusivity with Briana Owens of SPIKED SPIN.
Show Details40min 23s
50 | Refocusing: Mid-Year Check-In.
Show Details40min 28s
49 | Ikigai: Unlocking Your Purpose.
Show Details42min 38s
48 | Are You Good, Sis?: Mental Health x Wellness.
Show Details53min 39s
47 | My Degrees Will Keep Me Warm At Night: Post-Graduate Depression.
Show Details58min 18s
46 | It's a Read: The Power of Astrology with The Astrofashionista.
Show Details1hr 21min
45| Fraud or Nah?: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome.
Show Details50min 28s
44 | I Ain't Never Scared: Conquering Fear.
Show Details48min 48s
43 | Get In Formation: Finding x Maintaining Your Squad.
Show Details48min 43s
42 | Yoniverse: Womb Health x Wellness with Belightfilled.
Show Details45min 20s
41 | I'm A Hustla Baby: Making Your Day Job- Your Dream Job.
Show Details34min 15s
40 | Skin Is In: Natural Beauty x Self-Care with Taiann.
Show Details46min 41s
39 | Body Party: Body Image x Positivity.
Show Details51min 23s
38 | Talk To Me Nice: Love x Apology Languages.
Show Details44min 15s
37 | Manifest Destiny: Law Of Attraction.
Show Details43min 43s
36 | Yin Yang In This Thang: Balancing Your Energies.
Show Details34min 33s
35 | Peace Of Mind: Radical Acceptance.
Show Details29min 30s
34 | Confidence Level: Selfie With No Filter.
Show Details37min 1s
33 | Who Are You, Judy?: Less Judgement, More Empathy.
Show Details35min 17s
32 | Up Close x Personal: Girlfriend Gag.
Show Details50min 58s
31 | Communication is Key: Improving Habits x Enhancing Connections.
Show Details45min 57s
30 | Maintaining Momentum: Getting Organized x Staying Productive.
Show Details52min 51s
29 | Wrapping Up 2017.
Show Details38min 58s
28 | Balanced Bae: Finding x Keeping Your Equilibrium.
Show Details36min 17s
27 | Bih, Don't Kill My Vibe: Protecting Your Energy.
Show Details39min 27s
26 | Maintaining Mental Wellness: Depression x Anxiety.
Show Details46min 8s
25 | Support x Tossed Salads
Show Details1hr 12min
24 | Can You Make A Black Girl Feel Pretty: Millennial Mamas x Black Hair with Christine Michel Carter.
Show Details34min 35s
23 | Vibrating Higher: Spirituality x Mindfulness with Spirit.
Show Details47min 44s
22 | Hoe Phases x Faux Snapbacks
Show Details1hr 10min
21 | Plant Based Bae: Veganism with Earth Mama Medicine.
Show Details1hr 2min
20 | Catch Flights, Not Feelings: Travel Talk with Trinity Tai.
Show Details42min 14s
19 | Getting Out of the Rut: How to Find Inspiration.
Show Details46min
Announcements: Self-Care Saturdays x Giveaway!
Show Details3min 32s
18 | Glow with the Flow: Skin Care Favorites x Giveaway.
Show Details53min 46s
17 | Unwrapping Self-Care.
Show Details39min 27s
16 | EntrepreneuHERship with Ms. JGray.
Show Details59min 42s
Bravado. Baes. Brunch.
Show Details6min 35s
Announcements: Brunch x Giveaway!
Show Details4min 43s
15 | What About Your Friends?
Show Details43min 50s
14 | All you need is LESS: Revisiting Minimalism.
Show Details50min 48s
13 | Mindfulness.
Show Details1hr 5min
12 | Black In The Workplace
Show Details1hr 7min
11 | Girl Talk: Courting and Cohabitation II
Show Details1hr 6min
10 | Courting and Cohabitation
Show Details46min 33s
9 | Biological Clock.
Show Details25min 18s
8 | Daddy Issues.
Show Details32min 19s
7 | Why Am I Not Engaged Yet?
Show Details18min 42s
6 | Staying True To Yourself.
Show Details24min 53s
5 | Minimalism.
Show Details32min 21s
4 | "Present as A Pigeon"
Show Details21min 44s
3 | Girl Code.
Show Details25min 26s
2 | Running Your Own Race.
Show Details20min 34s
1 | Wrapping Up 2016.
Show Details20min 36s