The Big Balance

Maintaining a work-life balance keeps getting harder - but it doesn't have to. This podcast is for anyone struggling to rise above the daily challenges of work, family, and building a sense of self.

Management consultants by trade, hosts Brian and John shift their skills from helping organizations get better to helping people improve their lives.


The Definition of Success
Show Details30min 20s
Need Help? DELEGATE!
Show Details32min 11s
Our Last Episode Ever (in 2021)
Show Details17min 40s
Ring, Ring...It's Work Calling (From Latvia?)
Show Details33min 50s
Big Data, Kevin Spacey, and Company Culture
Show Details31min 35s
Managing Stress and Anxiety
Show Details32min 35s
Music while you Study
Show Details35min 25s
Name 10 Things You Want to Do Before You Die
Show Details8min 35s
Portugal's Work from Home Protections
Show Details15min 42s
The Great Resignation
Show Details30min 17s
Show Details26min 40s
Here! Read this Book to be Successful!
Show Details29min 50s
How Old is "Too Old" to Start a Passion Project?
Show Details26min 32s
The Darker Side of Getting Promoted
Show Details19min 44s
Brian Dyson on the Importance of Work-Life Priorities
Show Details11min 14s
Working With (Fighting Against?) Your Company's Vision
Show Details15min 26s
Why the Org Chart Matters (Sometimes)
Show Details26min 15s
Stop Overpromising (and Under-Delivering)
Show Details29min 6s
Working from Home: A Gen-X Perspective
Show Details21min 40s
Sticking With Something Until You Improve
Show Details36min 58s
Finding Meaning in our Jobs
Show Details31min 26s
Algorithmic Music?
Show Details6min 20s
Your Coworkers Aren’t Jerks
Show Details26min 52s
The Myth of Multitasking
Show Details26min 4s
Job-Seeking Concerns for Gen-X
Show Details12min 7s
John's New Gig
Show Details29min 55s
Ready for a New Job? Interviewing Potential Employers
Show Details33min 55s
Ask Yourself, "Do I Feel Lucky?"
Show Details28min 56s
Show Details36min 8s
How Should We Define Success?
Show Details21min 17s
Jeff Bezos: Is Work-Life Balance a "Debilitating Phrase?"
Show Details27min 44s
Finding More Time in our Day
Show Details31min 32s
What Goes Into Being Truly Talented?
Show Details30min 34s
Fighting Against Pointless Meetings
Show Details32min 2s
Music while you Work
Show Details25min 38s
Are Our Hobbies "Side Hustle Worthy?"
Show Details22min 28s