The Basic Vet

A podcast complete with a beard, tattoos, and no fuc*s

The Basic Vet is about the modern veteran.

There are unique struggles that veterans face on a day to day basis.

One of the most frustrating struggles is adapting to civilian life again, especially after a war and a decade of mental re-programming.

The Basic Vet explores all the frustrations that don’t really get talked about or seen on a regular basis.

Even if you’ve never served, you’ll get an inside look at what happens to those that did.

Maybe you’ll find out that you’re better off being a clueless civilian. 

This is as Basic as it gets.


White Castle and Philanthropy (not in that order)
Show Details19min 34s
PA Sucks, Pot Helps
Show Details18min 30s
TBV's First YouTube Episode!
Show Details17min 38s
Use Your Turn Signal
Show Details2min 12s
Dre in Tokyo
Show Details1min 37s
Cyberpunk 2077 and WTF America???
Show Details28min 13s
Motorcycles Suck, and It's Your Fault
Show Details16min 13s
Santa Is A Weirdo, But Mine Isn't!
Show Details11min 6s
Fruitcakes Are Pretty Cool, Being PC Isn't
Show Details12min 59s
Male Privilege Made Me Do It
Show Details10min 43s
Don't Be a Sell Out
Show Details11min 19s
Idiots In Traffic
Show Details13min 1s
Social Media Links! New TBV Email! Fan shout-out!
Show Details11min 28s
Healthy Bullying, The Vaccine, and a Conspiracy
Show Details13min 51s
IDGAF vs. Ignorance and Military Myths
Show Details22min 35s
Episode ZEEERO!
Show Details6min 26s
The intro for every future TBV episode
Show Details31s