Differentiate or Die: Standing Out in Retail

37m | Mar 7, 2024

Robert Grimmett is a visionary creative leader with over 20 years of experience shaping the retail landscape. Renowned for his work with iconic global brands, he's an award-winning entrepreneur and designer. As a thought leader, Robert frequently shares insights at industry conferences and in publications. At the intersection of innovation and insight, Robert is not merely a designer; he's a curator of retail adventures. His knack for anticipating the next big trend transforms the act of shopping into a captivating narrative, where each purchase tells a unique story. In the ever-evolving retail landscape, Robert stands as the architect of tomorrow's consumer experience. He operated his namesake brand, Robert Mason Co; an omni-channel retail, private label brand and purveyor of fashion-focused work gear and supplies. His own brand had a motto of 'work hard and be nice' that resonates with him today as much as it did then! A former marathon enthusiast turned cycling aficionado, he balances the demands of an active lifestyle with a commitment to community. Serving on The J&J Foundation board and volunteering for The Trevor Project, Robert's impact extends beyond retail, showcasing a dedication to social causes that resonates as deeply as his innovative designs.

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