Roads Less Travelled

Episode 462
37m | May 2, 2024

Something semi-sad happens as we age: We lose our nimbleness. So many of us white-knuckle grip long-held habits and beliefs and thus fail to question whether such routines and ideas are working in our best interests. Worse, such rigidity goes directly against our "factory settings" as human beings: As a species, we fully live when we prioritize resilience, light-footedness, and fearlessness. (Don't believe me? Just observe a child!)

On today's show: embracing fresh starts, prioritizing roads less travelled, and unpacking pressures associated with cultural uniformity with author and podcaster Shannon Leyko

Here's a preview:

[14:00] How to lean into tension by taking "messy action"

[18:00] It's not *just* about trying a new hobby; it's about resiliency. Self-efficacy, too!

[23:00] Timelines are rarely linear, and "starting over" isn't starting back at square one

[30:00] Common struggles associated with living unconventionally in a conventional world


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