Episode 460
38m | Apr 23, 2024

We Homo Sapiens are notorious for avoiding pain and seeking pleasure. In fact, we have transformed the planet from a place of scarcity to a place of overwhelming abundance, with ample opportunities to flood our brains with dopamine at every turn.

But over-consuming has consequences: Exposure to prolonged and repeated pleasurable stimuli decreases our capacity to tolerate pain and increases our threshold for experiencing pleasure. 

On today's show: Resetting your neural set point to make dopamine work FOR you, not against you.

Here's a preview:

[3:00] Here's exactly why our brains aren't designed to work optimally in our 2024 world of pleasure

[7:00] Measuring the dopamine-induced addictive potential of various foods, habits, and drugs

[10:00] What goes up must come down: Here's what opponent process theory means for you and your brain

[14:00] Quantifying leisure time from the Civil War to present day

[24:00] Dopamine fasts work! Here's how to recalibrate your brain

[28:00] How to best lean into a bit of pain (and why you may want to)


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