Greenwashing 2.0

Episode 461
31m | Apr 30, 2024

Many corporations are hopping on the sustainability bandwagon these days, but it's not for altruistic reasons. It's likely due to the green premium: because eco-friendly products cost more, business owners see an opportunity for increased revenue. 

The result? Greenwashed products abound (And guess what? You're likely paying *extra* for a product that isn't at all eco-conscious!). 

On today's show Aidan Riehl offers advanced tips for avoiding greenwashing in today's ever-changing market. 


Here's a preview:

[6:30] Some questions to ask: Is this eco-friendly product owned by a conglomerate? Is this one product the *only* eco-conscious product in their product line?

[9:30] Getting to the bottom of "biodegradable" claims once and for all

[16:30] Should we look for pre-consumer or post-consumer recycled plastics?

[19:00] Laundry sheets and dishwasher pods! Is polyvinyl alcohol actually benign?

[22:00] So many pledges, so little action

[25:00] Steph's tips to spot greenwashing in influencer marketing


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