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Success Leaves Clues Podcast

Dr. Kevin Washington (Dr. K) is a serial entrepreneur, author and investor. Dr. K is a proud Army Veteran. He leverages his Military background and leadership to succeed in entrepreneurship and the corporate sector. Dr. K’s goal is to help driven people who are early in their entrepreneurship journey become successful by avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes. Dr. K is an investor coach that is teaching people how to become successful traders in multiple markets.Dr. K has written two books, “Uttering Oracles” and “Mining the HearthRock Query” under the pen name: Kalph El Roi. His books are focused on the importance of knowing where you come from to know where you are going. Which is critical in business and success. He is the host a rising podcast, Success Leaves Clues Podcast, where he interviews highly successful people in Corporate America and Entrepreneurship. Dr. K believes that if anyone can do it then you can do it as well. The Success Leaves Clues Podcast is a blueprint to follow that will help you avoid making the same mistakes that other successful people made early in their journey.