A Live Channeling Session with Arielle

Season 3
19m | Apr 13, 2021

In today's episode, Arielle opened up her cosmic channel and hit record. You will hear her bring in her Council of Councils, Guides, and other Galactic Beings as she organically moves into a trance-channeled state and delivers messages straight from the Cosmos. Sit back, open your energetic body, and allow the messages to pour over you.

*With any channeled session, Arielle recommends that you take with you what resonates and allow what does not to simply fall away out of your auric field.

Today on The Cosmic Channel:

  • When to use your voice and speak out
  • How to approach and seek guidance from your Guides
  • Insight around the collective heaviness present
  • Dropping the human created constructs to reach the cosmic frequencies

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