Cultivating Internal Peace to Unlock Your Life's Purpose

Episode 1
9m | Apr 15, 2024

"I have put in 3+ years of really intentional work on my nervous system, channel, and sense of self-worth. I went slow. I focused on cultivating a really deep sense of internal safety, strengthened my relationship with Spirit and now I am fully in my purpose"

In this episode, get a taste of why cultivating a sense of internal safety is the key to all of the things you are waiting for in life - the relationship, the job, the confidence, the healing...all of it. Arielle shares how she helps clients go from fragmented to whole by cultivating the same safe spaces she cultivated for herself in life.

In today's episode of Cosmic Word:

  • Understanding the need for balance and safety for your nervous system
  • How ACHF and Arielle's 1:1 containers take her clients from fragmented to safe, seen, held, and empowered
  • How to move towards your life's purpose without falling backwards
  • What to expect with your new favorite podcast, Cosmic Word

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IG: @ariellethecosmicchannel


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