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The Cosmic Channel

Arielle is a cosmic channel, maestro of light, holder of healing and expansion, a guide, and conduit serving as a bridge between all of the different worlds. This podcast was created to open your heart and mind to the multi-dimensional realm and a place to receive the healing, clarity and wisdom that comes from the highest frequency. We will discuss cosmic channeling, galactic beings, astral travel, cosmic healing and more. So buckle up and get ready to enter the multiverse.


Healing The Planet: Energy Work + Grid Activation
Show Details11min 37s
You Deserve Healing: Exploring The 9D Akilah Celestial Healing Frequency
Show Details15min 34s
The Truths No One Told You About Ascension
Show Details22min 33s
A Live Channeling Session with Arielle
Show Details19min 27s
Being Human is Hard + Guided Healing Meditation
Show Details26min 58s
How to be Fully Seen in Life
Show Details15min 48s
Co-Creating with the Cosmos
Show Details23min 37s
Astral Travel | Exploring Beyond the Universe
Show Details24min 28s
Welcome to the Cosmos
Show Details10min 16s
Season 2: A New Chapter
Show Details25min 42s
Season 2: Words on Loss
Show Details25min 35s
Season 2: Meeting May Engelstad
Show Details42min 24s
Season 2: Postpartum Depression, Race, Pandemic and A Whole Lot of Feelings
Show Details40min 45s
Season 2: My Birth Story
Show Details45min 37s
Season 2: Triggers, Alignment and Energetic Yuck
Show Details32min 9s
Season 2: A New Moon Inspired Soul Chat
Show Details30min 50s
Season 2: A Soul Centered Q+A Chat
Show Details31min 37s
Season 2: I Don't Have The Answers
Show Details25min 54s
Season 2: Welcoming 2020 With Big News
Show Details29min 39s
13|Where did Arielle go?
Show Details29min 57s
12 | And Suddenly, The World Made Sense
Show Details2hr 18min
11 | Soulful Words for the Healing Heart
Show Details21min 16s
10 | Awareness, Shift, Feel and Change
Show Details35min 58s
09 | The World Needs Change. So, I'm Speaking Up For Sexual Assault Victims Everywhere
Show Details31min 29s
08 | Money Is Energy
Show Details36min 48s
07 | The Zen Warrior - From Lyme to MMA
Show Details49min 54s
Ep. 6 | You Get To Choose
Show Details25min 20s
Episode Five | A Raw One
Show Details42min 47s
Episode Four | A Tribute To All The Women
Show Details39min 27s
Episode Three | Ego, Anxiety and Intuition
Show Details37min 15s
Episode Two | Identity Is Fluid
Show Details29min 11s