You Deserve Healing: Exploring The 9D Akilah Celestial Healing Frequency

Season 3
15m | May 11, 2021

In today's solo episode, Arielle provides powerful transparency and vision around her healing abilities. She shares what it has felt like to wait, wonder and crave her purpose in life to be revealed. Those days have ended because the moment of purpose has arrived. Arielle is the founder of the Akilah Celestial Healing Frequency. This is a powerful energy healing modality from the 9D - hit play to learn more, to explore, and receive the uncharted realm of healing that is becoming available with the arrival of this frequency.

  • What is ACHF
  • How Arielle uses this powerful energy healing frequency
  • A personal invitation to live a richer existence
  • An invite to a life-altering virtual healing event

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