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SOGCast: Untold Stories of MAC V SOG

John Stryker Meyer, call sign--Tilt, hosts untold stories of the operations of MAC-V SOG. Vietnam. The Secret War.


029: Tom Waskovich Shut Down The Ho Chi Minh Trail in SLAM Operation
Show Details1hr 46min
028: Lynne M. Black Jr. - Perfected C-4 POW Knockout Explosive Ambush - On Himself First!
Show Details1hr 59min
027: Lynne M. Black Jr., 10,000 NVA Soldiers Tried to Kill His 9-Man SOG Recon Team
Show Details2hr 20min
026: Roger Lockshier, “Saved SOG Souls” as 101st Gunship Crew Chief
Show Details2hr 15min
025: Travis Mills, Shot Five Times.
Show Details3hr 1min
024: Pat Watkins, Part 2: Earns DSC during Sapper Attack
Show Details1hr 56min
023: Pat Watkins. Oscar 8 Target.
Show Details2hr 32min
022: John F. Mullins. A Controversial Program.
Show Details2hr 23min
021: David Gordon. A Back-Breaking SOG Mission.
Show Details2hr 2min
020: Rob Graham. POW Snatch with a Bow and Arrow.
Show Details1hr 27min
019: Doug Godshall Kicked Out, then Runs SOG Recon.
Show Details1hr 9min
018: Surviving the I Drang Valley. Clete “Babysan” Sinyard
Show Details1hr 45min
017: Frank Pully, One-Zero For The Last Years of SOG’s 8-year Secret War.
Show Details1hr 22min
016: Tough Times with Michael O'Byrne, SOG Recon/Military Intel Officer.
Show Details1hr 27min
015: Seldom in Plain Sight. Ron Owens, SOG Operator
Show Details2hr
014: Mitch Utterback: Retired Green Beret links SOG’s History to WW II OSS Legends
Show Details1hr 4min
013: Joe Parnar. Author/SOG Medic. Air. Ground.
Show Details1hr 44min
012: Robert J. “Spider” Parks: Comanche SOG Legend Rebuilt ST Idaho
Show Details1hr 27min
011: Tom Cunningham. One Week in SOG
Show Details1hr 52min
010: John L. Plaster: SOG/Sniper/Author Legend
Show Details2hr 48min
009: Mike Taylor. Three and a Half Years in SOG. Ground and Air.
Show Details1hr 54min
008: Saving More Than 50 Wounded Soldiers Lives. Medal of Honor Recipient, Gary Mike Rose.
Show Details2hr 9min
007: Don Haase - Crew Chief Brings Rotorhead View of SOG Missions into Laos and Cambodia
Show Details1hr 54min
006: One Day in SOG, He Faced Death Three Times Without a Shot Fired. John E. Peters
Show Details1hr 44min
005: Larry Trimble. Alone on Marble Mountain Observing Sapper Attacks
Show Details1hr 34min
004: Untold Stories. SOG Recon at CCS. With Marcus Whitt
Show Details1hr 37min
003: We Few, and Whispers In The Tall Grass. With Nick Brokhausen
Show Details1hr 37min
002: Jim "Wild Carrot" Jones's SOG Recon Mission to Recover Downed Pilots
Show Details2hr 3min
001: Blown Off Jungle Boots: Search For SOG Recon Team Ends In Mortal Combat. w/ George "The Troll" Sternberg
Show Details1hr 55min