SOGCast: Untold Stories of MAC V SOG

John Stryker Meyer, call sign--Tilt, hosts untold stories of the operations of MAC-V SOG. Vietnam. The Secret War.


005: Larry Trimble. Alone on Marble Mountain Observing Sapper Attacks
Show Details1hr 34min
004: Untold Stories. SOG Recon at CCS. With Marcus Whitt
Show Details1hr 37min
003: We Few, and Whispers In The Tall Grass. With Nick Brokhausen
Show Details1hr 37min
002: Jim "Wild Carrot" Jones's SOG Recon Mission to Recover Downed Pilots
Show Details2hr 3min
001: Blown Off Jungle Boots: Search For SOG Recon Team Ends In Mortal Combat. w/ George "The Troll" Sternberg
Show Details1hr 55min