Powering Social Enterprise with Profit and Purpose: The Tandem Hybrid - with Jeremy Gudauskas and Scott Boyer - Ep 19

36m | Apr 11, 2023

Social enterprises are driven by a big mission, but often struggle with their business model. The book, "Powering Social Enterprise with Profit and Purpose: The Tandem Hybrid" explores the strengths and limitations of typical structures and presents a compelling case for the "tandem hybrid," using the best of both for-profit and non-profit models to maximize social impact.


Jeremy Gudauskas is a social impact consultant with over 22 years of experience spanning higher education, business, and nonprofit organizations. He supports large global companies and growing social enterprises—including ROW Global Health, where he serves as director of philanthropy.

Prior to consulting, Gudauskas spent 17 years in higher education advancing the field of social entrepreneurship, both inside and outside the classroom. He launched the Center for Social Impact at North Central College and taught courses in social innovation, design thinking, and impact measurement. He’s active in the community, serving as a startup mentor for University of Chicago’s Polsky Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the chair of the Corporate Social Responsibility committee for the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce.


Scott Boyer is the founder and president of OWP Pharmaceuticals and the board chair of ROW Global Health, which together form a hybrid social enterprise that is transforming the lives of people with epilepsy and associated psychiatric disorders in over 30 under-resourced countries around the world.

Scott spent more than 25 years in Big Pharma leading sales and marketing efforts for the likes of Abbott and Bristol-Myers Squibb before having the vision for a Pharmaceutical Social Enterprise®. In 2014, OWP and ROW were launched to address the global lack of access to life-changing treatment, and have already contributed over $21 million for medication, diagnosis, and training around the world, including grants for over 160,000 prescription-months of medication.


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