Prioritizing Equity and Inclusion in Real Estate with Gina Merritt - Ep 45

25m | Jun 11, 2024

Dr. Gina Merritt, MBA is founder of Northern Real Estate Urban Ventures (NREUV), LLC, and has over 26 years of hands-on real estate development, finance, construction, and asset management experience. She has participated in the development of over 8,200 units of housing and has underwritten approximately $4.5B in real estate development transactions. Merritt is an experienced owner, developer and asset manager that brings her practical development knowledge and perspective to her business model. Her team brings practical experience to its municipal, non-profit and institutional clients to provide unmatched real estate advisory services. Merritt is also the founder of Project Community Capital®, a social capital platform that connects people in low-income communities with jobs ensuring that subcontractors who have socio-economic goals from state and federal funding can meet their requirements by connecting them with individuals who are “Ready-To-Work.”



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